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Thread: Advice for old guys & slow learners

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Posted: 2012-03-08 20:18
Starting with 2 disadvantages: been away from CW for 30+ yrs (and a slow beginner then) + being 72 yrs of age (but determined to become proficent now)I had to develop some ideas to assist my aged learning process. I offer them here in hopes they may benefit others that are having some problems also:
#1. I had to cut the speed between characters to 5 wpm (while allowing them to be made at 15 wpm) in order to accomadate my slower mental ability. Hope to speed that up as I slowly work my way thru the lessons. But will not try to progress 2fast as I cannot retain it as well as a younger person.
#2. I also have same problem as other older users here. I can't copy on paper very fast so I decided to put the 4 letters I am working on now on a sm piece of cardboard held in one hand with the letters printed at the top abt 1/2" tall & just point at one or the other as the lesson "calls" them. This also saves eye strain as I don't have to be looking at small letters on my compr screen 4 long periods of time.
Just choose the lesson, set it for 5 minutes, listen & point.
Once I have this running fairly fast I will go back to putting them on paper.
Have you developed any ideas to share with us older "hams?" If so please share them here.

Posted: 2012-03-09 13:11
Play with the pitch a bit til you find one you can hear well. Lower may be better...

Posted: 2012-03-09 13:56

You are pessimistic.

Having been away 30+ years from CW is an ADVANTAGE,
brains get very much information as input and learn pretty fast that what is not used can be thrown away or put in some slow unconscious memory.

So when you learned Morse Code and forgot all about is, first what happens is the difference between q and y you can't remember; you will be pretty fast on your previous level from the past.

The past when you preferred to watch and chasing after the girls and not bother about speeding up your copy speed. Remember?

That is because brains look for it in the hidden unconcious memory , find it, and bring it back.

So when you remember the speed when you quit in the past, you will find out that you are pretty fast back on the same speed when you start exercising on this website.

BUT when you are going to try being faster then you were you have a problem at your age.

When you are very dedicated 3 wpm increase per year is possible.

Do you really want to do that? Drinking a glass of excellent wine is more joy, I am sure.

Especially, look at my avatar, when you lost your tongue and the wine is dripping out between your jaws.

Morse code always has sense, I can communicate without tongue by just clacking my jaws. It is very well to copy just als the sounders were in the past.

Your idea about writing and pointing is very well.
However as soon as you are able to copy all the characters, go over to "words" exercises and copy in your head, you have noting to jot down, and you understand what is receiverd.

A common error is that people say ":"I can't write fast enough" Tht is because the need reaction time to recognise the character and can't write during that process.

So write on paper MORSE MORSE MORSE not in separate characters but in longhand. As fast as you can do that exact for 1 minute and count the numer of words MORSE that is your max writing speed. Dont use stupid time consuming capitals but longhand.

73 from hell where the costs of heating are all for free.

Posted: 2012-03-09 14:13
Play with the pitch a bit til you find one you can hear well. Lower may be better...

Óh yes, that proposal has a kind of scientific base.
When you transmit a number of dots, your pitch has sidebands on the "distance" of the ditfrequency and multiples of it. They are mirrored against the zero freuency line and the mirrored may be on the same frequency als lower harmonics of the sidebandfrequency.

Strange things happen in your mind when
a) they are exactly half way, such that your brain detects the spectrum as a modulation frequency of double the value of the original modulation speed.
b) they are on the same frequency as the original lower harmonic sidebands, That smoothens the lower sideband. You obtain nearly the same effect when you modulate not with a block but with a triangle or sawtooth envelope. That will certainly increase your copy speed.

73 from hell where the costs of heating are all for free.

Posted: 2012-03-09 22:01
Thanks for sharing the advice & encouragement and yes, a good glass of wine is a pleasure. Maybe akin to seeing that the old memory is being dug up & polished off so that cw advancement is coming; slow but sure, just as you noted.

Now a question for you. Why the gross avatar? Because you are really a handsome fellow and don't want your mailbox filled by the females on here??? Sharp thinking. If I had done that, in years gone by, maybe I would be way ahead on cw, $ & many other things now. Have a great weekend.

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