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Thread: Test scoring system

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Posted: 2008-12-03 04:26
I am on my first lesson. Every time I take the test, it gives me a 20%. I don't understand the scoring system. I always get the first five right, and after than I am wrong. What am I doing wrong?

Posted: 2008-12-03 04:43
I figured out my mistake. I didn't know that I had to put spaces.

Posted: 2008-12-03 20:58
No worries. Especially with Farnsworth (i.e. long pauses between the letters) it may be a little difficult to distinguish between inter-letter spaces and word spaces. If you like, try the variable group length option in your CW settings to practice the pauses better.

I have to admit that the variable group length really destroys the "rhythm" of the code groups and really throws me off all the time :-)

73, Fabian

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