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Thread: Type or Write

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Posted: 2008-11-28 05:54
Hi Fabian

I find that I could write the letters faster than type. I could then type the results into the box for checking.

How do others get over the typing speed problem.


Posted: 2008-11-28 08:40
I personally can type a lot faster than I can write, but that's probably because I happen to spend most of my time (QRL and freetime :) in front of a computer. I am not a touch typist though.

With normal handwriting, I can get up to about 25wpm, but it gets a little uncomfortable. Some participants of high speed CW competitions use a special shorthand technique to write much faster.

Since your intention is probably to learn and use CW in ham radio, the ultimate goal is to do normal QSOs with headcopy, so you are not required to write down much. If writing the texts on paper and then type it in works for you, I guess that's fine, if you don't mind the little extra time needed for typing it in after the attempt..

Good luck with learning CW!

73, Fabian

Posted: 2008-11-28 14:44
Thanks for the input
73, John

Posted: 2008-12-01 20:55
When I started this I found that writing it down was the rate limiting step, but typing it was worse.

I have now evolved a speed-writing style to get over this - and to avoid the other issue of not being able to read what I wrote.

I guess it's a lot easier with actual words.

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