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Thread: R and U

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Posted: 2011-09-23 16:42
Now this is fun... I'm in a lesson 3/40 and I have completely mixed up R and U. After a week of training R for me is di di dah, and U is di dah di. K and M are ok.

My speed has been 13/10 or 13/13 if I'm feeling optimistic. No difference, and I can't write any faster. Average for lesson 3 is 72.9% I got pissed off so I deleted all below 50%. Lots of M and K will sometimes give me better results. I did try to take only U and R, but it just got worse!

This is going great, "I can't wait" for next letters! Am I screwed already or is there hope?

Posted: 2011-09-23 21:30
I had trouble to distinct between N and A, but this improved with practice.
It is recommended you keep the letter-speed (way) above 15. 20 to 25 is a good value. Increase interletterspace if you want to slow down.


Posted: 2011-09-23 22:07
I do not have a trouble distinct difference between letters, I can hear a difference very clearly. Problem is, to me R is U and U is R. I can copy very happily just to realize every single U is R and vice versa.

If I speed up charactes and keep effective speed down, it will only confuse because then the rhythm is all wrong (unfortunately I have a drummers sense of rhythm).

Posted: 2011-09-24 20:37
You could try running some custom code group tests rather than Koch lesson 3, and only selecting R and U?

I did not find the Farnsworth "use letter speeds much higher than word speeds" timing idea helpful; I did a lot of exercises in early lessons using settings like 25/8, and I found that the long gaps between letters gave me too much time to think. I'm now trying to break myself from the habit of deconstructing each character into its component bits before writing it down. Keep the character and word speeds equal. If you MUST have a difference, keep that difference small; not more than 10% at most (say 20/18 or 15/14). I wish I'd done something like this sooner:

1) Figured out (in characters per minute rather than words per minute) how fast I could write things down. (For me the limit is about 75cpm. )

2) After each attempt, noted how fast the effective speed actually was.

3) Adjusted the speed setting at each lesson so that the reported speed usually came in just under the speed I'd worked out in step 1.

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