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Thread: Good progress but blocked now

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Posted: 2011-09-07 12:13
I can not decode faster than where I am now without my pen and logically, I'm almost blocked at around 17-18wpm as real speed, whatever the combination is (from character speed from 20 up to 25wpm, and with effective speed from 17 up to 20wpm).
It seems I can not go faster, which is somehow frustrating even when I listen to the bands some QSO's and when I realize I miss "just a bit" of speed to follow the entire QSO. But I too often miss a series of characters that make the QSO not that nie to listen to.

How to do? Any ideas ?
By the way, is there a possibility to add a exercize like "QSO simulator" where the goal would be to decode the QSO between 2 stns? that would be a good training (in addition to listening to the bands of course !)
73 !

Posted: 2011-09-08 11:02
You can only, effectively, do the Koch lessons at the pace at which you can write or type, but on-air you're not going to be writing the entire conversation down, so writing (or typing) speed's less of an issue. Word training and callsign training can let you hear the code a lot faster than you can manage in the Koch lessons because they give you time after the word or callsign to type it in. Maybe the way to go might be to spend time on word training?

Posted: 2011-09-08 13:49
Tnx for your answer. I could manage to do the Koch lessons up to 23 wpm (character speed) and 22wpm (effective speed), but clearly approaching my physical speed limit for writing.
I'll proceed the way you indicated me with call-signs/word training, in parallel with "CW tx training". I sometimes do some call-signs training and decode correctly up to 25wpm in average (30wpm max depending on call-signs). I may have to focus on this now.
I'm still amazed to hear so QRQ-liked QSO's on the air, HI!

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