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Thread: Prosign and custom characters

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Posted: 2011-09-04 07:39
Hi Fabian,

Thanks for this site which helps me a lot while studying for the license.
For the first time, I am learning CW seriously.

Exam regulation in some countries require knowing of prosign symbols as (AS) (SK) for France.

Some prosign are already available in the Koch/custom characters set :
+ (AR) , = (BT).

So it would be nice if punctuation characters for (AS) and (SK)
could be added to the custom characters set.

I have not found any normalization for such characters although there are now a lot of applications with PC keyboards.

On wikipedia and other sites the ampersand character "&" is defined.
The original meaning of "&" in the american morse code was 'and'.
This is currently substituted with the abbreviation "es", so "&" could be used as (AS)

For (SK), applications use either * (Elecraft firmware) or $ (some iPhone apps).
On wikipedia the dollar sign is now defined but does not fit to (SK), so * for seems to be a reasonable choice.

Are these suggestions an issue ?


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