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Thread: Fist Award

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Posted: 2011-08-10 16:19
Is there on this forum anybody so kind to send me a WAV file with the sound of his keyer?

Requirements: no or very low background noise, loud and clear, keep your spaces as good as you can.
Plain text, length of file about one minute sound.

Please specify what kind of key you use, (squeeze, bug, straight, cootie)
Keyboard has no sense, please do not sent keyboard output.

Purpose is to design a free award to be mailed to every sender of a file with accompanying data as name, call,
transmitted text
height of tone
average interletter spacing
average letter spacing
average word spacing
average dash/dot ratio

And graphs of the spreading of those components (probability density function).

My mail address is my call at amsat.org

The designed award will be sent to your mailaddress as a pdf file, which you can print out at your own color printer or at a local copy shop.

Awards are numbered starting with 1.


Posted: 2011-08-14 19:13
Hi Wim,

While this is a great site to learn receiving cw, you made some interesting tools to aid learning transmitting. It would be great to have those combined in one application. Especially if it would be a PC app, I expect it would be used extensively. Do you know such an app is available so you can hook up your key to serial port like ehocw?


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