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Thread: site availability

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Posted: 2011-08-05 16:35
Hi Fabian,

FYI: Do you know lcwo.net is sometimes unreachable for a few minutes? Sometimes really unreachable (no ping), sometimes I get an error after a delay:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User d00801bf already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /www/htdocs/v135911/lcwo/connectdb.php on line 8


Posted: 2011-08-06 07:51
Hi Joep,

I just experienced this effect. Observed it once a few months ago, but it never happened again, so I didn't think abou it any further. But since it now seems to occur more often, it's something I need to investigate.

Thanks for the hint & 73,

Posted: 2011-08-06 16:04

Another thing that seems to have changed recently is that my login times out several times a day. It looks like something to do with cookie handling has changed.


Posted: 2011-08-10 19:17
Mh, the session lifetime should not have changed, it still sits at 12h, but a session is destroyed if the IP address changes. Maybe I should finally learn how to set permanent cookies :-).

The database problem seems to be a problem with the scalability of the highscore generation. There are close to one million results in the database now, and the generation of the highscore lists happens on-the-fly. Depending on the server load this may take some time, and during that time the server seems not to be very responsive. Consequently a lot of requests will pile up and after a while the maximum number of database connections is reached. I will use some caching and use pre-calculated highscore results (at least for the Koch course, where the generation of the results is most complicated).

I will be on vacation for the next week with somewhat limited net access, but after that I will allocate some time for work LCWO again :-)

Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2011-08-21 09:52
Hi Fabian,

It looks like selecting 'high scores' from the top menu is an effective way to bring the site down...
You might consider disabling this option until you have time to fix this.


Posted: 2011-08-21 10:33
Thanks Joep,

I just disabled the highscores for the Koch course only and it seems to have improved the situation significantly already. I will modify the highscore lists to be pre-calculated at regular intervals.

Fabian DJ1YFK

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