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Thread: Amazing

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Posted: 2011-07-05 00:03
I want to congrat AH8DX with the fact that he manages to copy a call at 916 cps (183 wpm)!

Het started at this website abt jan 2010, and demonstrates what dedication and willpower are able to do. It is really remarkable.

Posted: 2011-07-05 02:19
congratulations!! AH8DX that's incredible.

Posted: 2011-07-05 05:14
Oh, indeed, congrats Craig! 200wpm should now be within reach.

Here's a link to his blog entry:

And here's the RufzXP toplist with the top-speed ratings:

Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2011-07-05 06:37
Thanks guys; I appreciate your thoughtfullness.

I must tell you that even though I have a 4 year college degree, hold an Extra Class FCC license and am president of a successful company; I admit that I do not have lots of brains. My brain is very simple so I have difficulty wrapping my mind around very difficult task.

Can everyone do QRQq?


Even though my mind is just beginning to open up and show flashes of copyng QRQq; I still have not figured out many things but I have got to admit that I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn't for this website and guys that have given good advice.

It just shows you that if you want something in life bad enough and are determined to work hard for it; good things will come.


Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2011-07-12 09:58

Come on, Craig

It's within reach now, you're getting close!!!

Posted: 2011-07-28 18:33

I'm getting close to what? I don't undertand what you are talking about.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2011-07-28 20:28
Reaction on your blog entry of july 8th.

Bring on 1000 cpm!

Posted: 2011-07-28 20:43
Oh I see!

In the past week, I have almost copied 1000CPM missing by a single character in several calls. So close but yet so far!

Missing x 1 happens very often now.

Very difficult but still very FUN.

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