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Thread: How to get faster - after finishing Koch

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Posted: 2011-04-23 22:23

two weeks ago I was very happy finishing the Koch training with 30/5 (wpm/effectiv wpm). Thank you Fabian for thin wonderful training site.

But maybe my effective speed was to slow....
It took me about three month to finish lesson 40.

Now I try to get faster - my goal was 30/30.

I figured out that I trained only my ear-fingers-connection: Hearing and typing without knowing what I'm typing. It is very difficult for me to hear and understand CW without writing.

Are there suggestions how to get faster and maybe how to train to undertand CW without writing?

Should I start over the Koch-Training with 30/30? I tried ist - it seems to me impossible to pass lesson 1. Should I make the Koch-Training from lesson 1 to 40 several times - increasing the effective wpm every time?

I would be very happy if someone has a good (proofed?) plan for my further developement.

One week ago I started with a hearing exercice without typing. I took the 500 most commen german words in CW, repeating every word five times, increasing the effective wpm from 5 to 30. So, the first time I have the chance to understand the word and the following four times I know what I would be hearing and can try to visualise the letters when I'm hearing them.

Any suggestions?

73 am happy easter,

Posted: 2011-04-24 16:18
Start with word training. Keep wordlength on 5 or so, (to prevent words like Entwicklungslaenders,
Tochtergesellschaft und sozialdemokratische), repeat same word till decoded by head. After that type in and replay to check out.

Hearing-> typing is one discipline, another one is hearing->writing and the third one hearing and copy by head.

Most valuable is hearing->copy by head, second one hearing->writing and typing requires a mill.

Posted: 2011-04-26 05:47
Thanks. I startet with the word training.
Parallel I will repeat the last Koch Lesson with increasing effective wpm - so I don't forget the numbers.

Posted: 2011-04-26 06:48
"The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" by William G. Pierpont, NOHFF, third revised edition


Have you read this book? It's freely available and I found it very (very) useful. Written in English but also German translation available.

Posted: 2011-04-26 14:12
"The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy"
http://www.raes.ab.ca/ -> cw book -> Free download versions in PDF

Have you read this book? It's freely available and I found it very (very) useful. Written in English but also German translation available.

YES everything is for free under ONE simple restriction, and that is that you download it from the original website.

There you can read:
Official Download Site

"You may link to this page, but please do not put the book file on your server."

Posted: 2011-04-27 09:40
Oh sorry, fixed the link in my previous post.

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