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Thread: Introduction

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Posted: 2011-03-14 03:17

My name is Frank. I am located in Florida, USA. I am a new Ham operator. I just passed my Technician test on March 12 and, with any luck, will have my US FCC Amature Radio Operator license this week.

I am interested in radio for emergency communications and for my interest in wave theory, with an emphasis in propagation. I am interested in improvised radio equipment.

After looking at all of the current techniques, I think that CW is one of the most important modes of communication. My study tells me that CW communication can be affected with minimal equipment and power. I am impressed by operators who can make reliable DX communication with less than 20 watts PEP using CW.

I just purchased an ICOM IC718 Transceiver and I strung up a 124 1/4 Ft. center fed dipole in my trees behind my house in Orlando Florida. I have been monitoring the transmissions on the 40m band, and I have copied many CW signals in the lower portion of the band. It has motivated me to learn CW.

I found this website by Google search.

I just completed lessons 1 and 2 yesterday, and I will try to master lesson 3 this week.

Thank you for the website!

(no call sign yet)

Posted: 2011-03-14 15:12
Hi Frank,
You are on the right track. CW is great. Also check out NAQCC or other clubs on the net.
I got my license after the code requirement was dropped. Even a Tech, using cw,
has access to quite a few bands, using more power than I ever use(love qrp).

Use ebook2cw to create your own mp3 to study. With the computer programs out there for free, there
has never been a better time to learn morse.

Look up these programs
g4fon http://www.g4fon.net/
Just Learn Morse http://www.justlearnmorsecode.com/

Protect that antenna from lightning!!!

Posted: 2011-03-15 00:41
Thanks for the reply Chris!

I am encouraged that so many others before me have had the ability to learn CW, but it is not easy. I put in another hour tonight, and I am getting better at lesson 3. It will come along slowly.

When I listen to super fast CW, now I really respect those operators who can copy and send like that. I hope to copy and send at 13 WPM one day, but that day will be after much practice.

Again, thanks for the hints and the kind encouraging reply.


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