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Thread: lcwo contest :)

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Posted: 2011-02-28 08:38
i would like to have a fun competition here.
Start with a slow wpm so everyone can be apart.
maybe 1 minute, there everyone have the same text.
Type it in, and the competitor with most misstakes go out of competition.
the speed goes up every minute and finally only one are left...
My english is bad but do you get the idea?

what u think of this?

Posted: 2011-02-28 11:49
Great Idea!

Your English is quite understandable, no problem at all.

Only remember: native English speaking people are the axis of the world, the source of all our knowledge and the roots of our civilisation, they have - genetically determined - hence an extremely high idea of their own personality and for that reason they don't write about their own person as "i" but with a big capital like G in God, with "I"

OK, you will never forget abt that.

Now the proposed contest:

We have to classify it in Koch lesson 1, upto lesson 2 and so on upto lesson 40 otherwise hams with limited character set during their morse study, will not be able to attend the competition. That should be a pity.

Look at 'high scores', and you will find out that less than 1 % of starters with lesson 1 finish finally lesson 40. Other people are however studying in a rate that make them proficient for the ham bands @12 to 15 wpm when they reach an age of 440 till 11000 years.

So, there is already a high score list, since last change of provider extremely slow, should it not be better just to compare your results with "competition" in that list?

How about registering at www.rufzxp.net there you can copy call signs and your best result is registered in an international published list. Very nice. Give it a try!

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