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Thread: entering a new phase

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Posted: 2011-02-04 20:00
I notice how I'm starting to hear letters and type past letters now. Like having a buffer build up as I lag in typing at 6wpm. It's a new skill I hadn't thought of before. I wonder if I'm on the right track?

Posted: 2011-02-05 15:21
That is exactly what you want to have happen. I have been working on that for a while and still am not at the level I would like to be. Lets just say it can take a while.
When I first started with morse code I was hoping to get the point that I could just listen to morse in the same way that I listen to any AM radio conversation. Honestly I cannot tell you how long it takes to develop that skill but I am trying.
Keep it up. Morse is fun.

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