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Thread: New symbols within CW parameters

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Posted: 2010-12-20 13:26
How can I incorporate new symbols within my cw parameters to be learned? So how to incorporate e.g. the swedish letter (HTML entity å) ┼ = .--.- in my parameters?

73 de Karl, DK7AL

Posted: 2010-12-20 14:40
Put a combination between sharp arrow left (smaller than) and sharp arrow right (larger than)hence ┼ = .--.- is [wa]
or [ak] or [eq] or [pt] with sharp arrows instead of []

[ak] is not senseless: A mit einer Kopf.

Posted: 2010-12-20 14:56
I do not see a possibility to add new symbols within my CW parameters (Account->CW Parameter). For training sessions I can select among already defined symbols, but where and how could this set be extended? Your tweaks are highly appreciated.

73 de Karl, DK7AL

Posted: 2010-12-20 15:24
Hi Karl,

what Moron describes can be used in the text2cw translator, for example. Any characters can be added together (like prosigns) by enclosing them in angle brackets: , .

For the custom character sets, the ┼ itself is not implemented, but there is └ which is the same in CW (.--.-). I can add ┼ as a substitute for └, so you can use it to practice.

Fabian DJ1YFK

PS: Since I moved my own development version of LCWO to a more modern system, which is fully UTF8-capable, I am slowly working towards Unicode support on this site. This will not only make it easier to support "special" characters like ┼ and other "extended latin" letters, but also the Cyrillic alphabet, etc..

PPS: < and > are usually filtered out by the HTML filter, but you can include them in forum posts by their HTML representations &gt; and &lt;.

Posted: 2010-12-20 16:58
Your tweaks are highly appreciated.

73 de Karl, DK7AL

OK, Your <appreciation> is highly appreciated.

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