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Thread: Can't write fast enough!

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Posted: 2010-10-04 18:40
I signed up last week and have been working through the lessons. I use a pencil and paper to write down the characters and then type them into LWCO.

However, I'm onto lesson 4 and found that I can't write fast enough when an 'E' comes up! Maybe I should write in lowercase? Anyone else have this problem.

Posted: 2010-10-04 18:55

Use lower case, write rather small, with an easy gliding pen, over a width of max 2 inch, that reduces your carriage return time, hi.
Try to write, as a test, without copying morse "paris paris" in one minute, count the number of words paris you could write down, and you know your writing speed limit expressed in wpm.

Normally writing is somewhat behind the incoming morse, so the e doesn't matter because the j and 0 compensates sufficiently.

With my fat german sausage like fingers I can write 40 wpm, so ....

Posted: 2010-10-04 18:59
The better way is to type them direct on your keyboard.
2 advantages your typing velocity improves and your taking improves.

73's Jack

Posted: 2010-10-04 19:03
disadvantage of using keyboard is that you learn morse and you need a mill to read it back afterwards in order to understand it.

What is that picture showing, Jack?

Posted: 2010-10-05 18:42
Ok Moron, that is in the case you finished your morse training. But here on LCwonet using the keyboard is much better. On the picture there is minikeyer which I sticked to a big porcelain open line isolator in order to get him a bit stable on the table, hi. The other keyers i have are Benchers and a Ham Keyer from Ham Radio Centre,St.Louis MO.USA

Posted: 2010-10-05 18:53
use also the morse machine!

Posted: 2010-10-15 11:37
I find that I need write in lower case. when I do the lessonl, I write down. Because when I be on the radio I most likly be not next to a computer

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