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Thread: Hello from Thailand

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Posted: 2010-08-28 15:53
I am Chris, a beginner. Three days ago I tried to have a QSO, but the CQ caller was not keeping p a u s e s, making copying too tough for me. But next week, I'll have a sked with N6..
The secret lies in perseverance: keep at it, every day. (It's the 5th day for me).

Q: does anyone have the ARRL's increasing your code speed CD with 8.5 - 10 wpm? I would appreciate a few lessons via e-mail. There is a problem with my CD.

Q2: is anyone trying QSOs via the internet? www.MRX.com.au has a freeware program and www.amateurradioproducts.com sells an adapter to practice sending via the computer. (Hope I won't have to buy an expensive adapter to USB, the computers are now using more USB...).

Q3: is it only me, or is QRS getting on your nerve? I need 20 wpm but long pauses. Slow speeds force me to count dots and dashes - throwing me back in my efforts, at least that's how I feel.

In this 3rd floor condo, I'm limited to an MP1 on the balcony or an end fed wire. And until the hardware arrives, to web based communication, except when I can use a club station.

Closing, I'm excited about this wonderful website!

73 de Chris HS0ZFE MI1ESG KF6VCI


Posted: 2010-08-28 19:08
Hi Chris

Perseverance does it all. You are completely right.
On the amateur bands you can expect Morse code not Koch type lessons, so keep going until you copy at the very very least 12/12
15/15 is usable
20/20 is good
25/25 makes you eligible for membership of the high speed club. hi

With the the functions
ไฟล์ MP3 สำหรับฝึกฝน

of this website you can produce for free the exercixes you want, so don't chase for ARRL unless you want it as a collectors item.

Don't buy anything expensive, it is a waste of money.

Transmitting Morse with a straight key or an keyer, you can exercise and check what you actually transmit with CWGET, free software, put the audio of the sidetone in the "line in" connector of your PC. And you are all sat hence not sad.

Posted: 2010-08-29 14:51
Whoa, every day one learns something new. Much appreciated!
Mni tnx es vy 73,

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