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This is a simple discussion forum for LCWO users. Feel free to use it for any kind of discussion related to this website.

Thread: Cut number training in LCWO?

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Posted: 2010-05-31 19:22
Heard quite a few stations using cut numbers in this weekends WPX CW.

Apart from the usual t (=0) and n (=9) heard quite a bit of v (=3) etc.

This all is easy until many hours into contests and with little sleep and weak sigs.

It might - some day - be a nice feature to have cut number training somewhere in LCWO - maybe as an option in Code groups number training and with the cut number type set in CW settings?

WOuld be nice to be able to set several cut types at the same time and LCWO arbitrarily sends the choosen types.



Posted: 2010-06-01 08:32
Hi Gerd,

yes, that's something to think about. It'd also be a good addition to the QTC trainer; a simple checkbox to add cut numbers.

Thanks for the WPX QSOs, by the way. I was one of the operators at DM9K. About 4850 QSOs and 11M points in M/2, but very poor point averages due to horrible condx.

73, Fabian

Posted: 2010-06-01 14:17

I was operating abt 10km from your contest QTH as warm up for next weekend's DF0M field day and amazed about the new call at first - pity you lost the old one.

Conditions were - well - amazing!

Btw: came across a RSS morse reader yesterday: http://morse-rss-news.sourceforge.net/



Posted: 2010-06-01 20:44
We still have DL1A, but for the WPX, the DM9 prefix was certainly a better choice. Next weekend in the CW Fieldday we'll be DL1A/P again (Germannsberg).

The RSS reader is interesting. OH1FJV once had a similar thing on his website (played headlines of google news or so via CW) but I think it was only experimental and it's gone now.

I've been thinking about implementing such a feature on LCWO too. Technically not very different. The main problem may be the incredibly stupid German liability laws (e.g. http://tinyurl.com/39jb4l5), but then again there are probably not enough lawyers who know CW, hi.

73, Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2010-06-15 22:00
Abbreviated numbers are now available for the QTC trainer.

Default: No abbreviations.
Setting 1: 1 = A, 9 = N and 0 = T
Setting 2: 1 = A, 2 = U, 3 = V, 5 = E, 7 = B, 8 = D, 9 = N, 0 = T

The latter is perfect for masochistic people :-)

73, Fabian

Posted: 2010-06-16 21:59
Vielen Dank!



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