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Thread: Back at it again!

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Posted: 2010-05-08 00:35
Well, I am back at it again after being in the hospital with 2 ruptured disks in my lower back, one at L4 and the other at L5. I have been heavily medicated for almost a month now and have even tried a few practices here and there to see what the medication was doing to me and it isn't good.

I am just coming down off of medication right now and for the first day in a long time am practicing call signs again and it appears I have lost some ground.

Before my back problems, I hit 62wpm and then went on to get a new personal best. I was climbing to hit 50wpm solid average by May 1st; that was my perosnal goal but I fell short and now today, I can barely copy 40wpm.

So, it's going to be a slow journey. While in the hospital I was able to take my ipod with me and copy prefix files that I made for myself at different speeds. Usually keeping at 5% above my comfortable speed. I did mess around with prefixes in excess of 500wpm to see if there was anything to it but really have no conclusion yet.

Anyway, it's great to back home as my back is getting better and I am coming down off of the medication.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-05-08 10:52
Hi Craig,

first of all, I wish you a speedy recovery!

I guess you'll be back at your old level after a few more days, no worries.

For some reason, my scores in RufzXP were pretty bad during the last week. Then yesterday, for the first time, I reached 200wpm coming from below in RufzXP. Starting speed 145wpm, then (with a couple of errors here and there) up to 194wpm (971cpm to be precise), copied correctly, next callsign at 200wpm, fail. This repeated two more times; both times I missed the call at 200wpm, but 194wpm in a regular attempt is also a new record for me. Of course, after this peak I was too nervous to finish the attempt very well :)

But it shows that such peaks sometimes occur very unexpectedly, after a period of relatively bad performance.

This weekend I'd do some real CW in the CQ-MIR contest, from the DL1A (aka DJ6ZM) super-station. Much slower than in RufzXP, but with SO2R it doesn't get boring!

73, Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2010-05-08 11:27
Hi Craig

Welcome back in Morseland. Did not know you were hospitalised. Never mind some of my colleaques make a living out of that, so anyway you did a good job.

In the mean time I watched here the scene, and it turns out that some guys are saying they will learn morse code, according to their records they say that already 2 years and not passing 2 exercises Koch.

Just born to be phone boys I think.

Complete with official pictures of a shack proudly handling some expensive paddle or straight key. Because they know that real hams use CW, and they eagerly want to be a real ham, because that are the guys and gals that have given proof of character, obviously necessary to reach their goal.

YOU will reach your goal!

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