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Thread: Time to come and time to leave

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Posted: 2010-04-01 00:19
When I came to this website it was because I wanted to brush up my rusty CW,

I hope I assisted DJ1YFK a little bit, by writing in this forum in order to encourage newbees and solve their problems or give them advice.

My sole motivation of using this web site was to reach the ability to copy 45 wpm plain text with a reliability of 80% in order to feel more comfortable at QRQ rag chewing QSO's copying in my head.

That point is reached now, so I am going to say: Thank you Fabian Kurz for giving me the opportunity and not kicking me out of the school, just as I experienced so often in my youth. An old fox looses his hairs but never his tricks; So thank you also for your patience and tolerance as webmaster.

Finally I think to be wise to give some usefull advice that is known to be a well kept secret between a number of members of the high speed QRQQ performers group (above 350 cpm at every attempt), as I learned after discovering the secret all by myself. It even led to a world championship callsign copy as was told me by a strictly secret source that told me never to mention its name and above that could not guarantee the truthfullness of this statement.

I will tell you my discovered secret here because I think it is more honest that everybody is able to reach topscores and his CW endeavours in life in the easiest and fastest way possible. Look at the graph of mine for 'words':

Best score: 8442/60 wpm

I did always work with fixed speed, that is possible in "Words". You see the gray speedline, sometimes I increased the fixed speed, but hardly advancing, if ever, after start was my performance declining, everything before exercise 248.

Then I found that electrical vibrating dildo on a flea market and installed it. ( Due to the exciting smell attached to it, I washed it out firmly, after detaching and taking out temporarily the vibrating mechanism in order to prevent it moistened) Also I mounted 2 bright blue leds on the edge of my spectacles just obove my eyes with alligator clips. That all was done at exercise 248. A friendly dutch ham helped me with an interface gadget between dildo, leds and the soundcard of my PC such that the leds and the vibrator switched on and off in the rithm of the morse sound. From that time, I exercised with the vibrating dildo in my left hand and the LED's above my eyes.
See what happened in my graph from exercise 248 upwards. Look at my high scores and you will be convinced.

You could know out of earlier postings that my goal was exercising till I could copy 45 wpm plain text with a reliability of 80%.

I have reached this now.

So you will not see me anymore from now on on this web site.

Take your advantage of my acquired knowledge. When there are no fleamarkets today in your neighbourhood you can always look in the yellow pages for the next toyshop for adults in your neigbourhood. When you think you will be ashamed to go and purchase one, Just say to the shop servant that is is not for what he thinks it is, but that you are going to use it as an aid in learning Morse telegraphy. It may be wise to do that fast because probably more hams are reading this posting.

Hams in Alabama: Sri this kind of artefacts are strictly prohibited by your state law.

When you work with CW the DXCC entry for Elbonia, and you find that the ham is calling himself Digi, you better ask for a QSL and you get one from me direct for a green stamp and a SAE. You will find the right postal address on QRZ.com when you copied my callsign correctly.

73 es sk


Posted: 2010-04-01 17:54

Sorry to see you go, the past three months have been a blast since I joined on January 6th.

I am a little confused, do I attach those 2 LED lights to my specticles or testicles?

It's also time for me to depart.


Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-04-04 11:14

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