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Posted: 2010-03-15 18:22
I think that copying callsigns is one of the best ways to improve your cw even if you do not operate contests because the letters and numbers that come at you are generally random. For a beginner, no anticipation of what will come next...

but for an experienced contester, anticipation of what may come causes anxiety.

This leads me to my next thought to help mainly the beginner increase his score but also the experienced contester increase his, but he knows it already.

When you need a little break from copying cw, take a look and study the World Prefix Allocation Chart. It is fun and gives you a chance to exercise your brain with it's memorization process.


You copy S44AAA but if you would know the World Prefix Allocation Chart that you partly memorized, you know that S4 is not allocated yet as far as I know. Therefore, you correct the first 4 to a V (because you studied and know that SV4 belongs to Greece) which you miscopied before you hit the enter key and BINGO, you got it right and just increased your score by taking a little extra time and thinking through what you thought you just copied in your head.

I still have a little trouble with (v) which is ...- and (4) which is ....- at higher speeds, my brain gets fooled sometimes when I hear the signal.

World Allocation Prefix Chart for (S#):

S0 Western Sahara
S1A Principality of Sealand
S2A-S3Z Bangladesh
S4 Not Allocated
S5A-S5Z Slovenia
S6A-S6Z Singapore
S7A-S7Z Seychelles
S8A-S8Z South Africa
S9A-S9Z Sao Tome and Principe

and "THIS IS MY TIP OF THE DAY" to get better.

Craig, AH8DX

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