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Posted: 2010-03-13 00:54
And talk about high speed Morse code. The latest High Speed Telegraphy Honor Roll has been published with three amateurs, LZ4UU, DJ1YFK and EW8VK, achieving an amazing 1231 characters per minute. For full details check out www.rufzxp.net.

Posted: 2010-03-13 01:40
Incredible, beautiful, what about more ... respect !


Vincent F0CYA, France.

Posted: 2010-03-13 15:53

Vincent (F0CYA), your name isn't on the list? Am I missing something? As hard as you practice, I would have thought your callsign would have been included with the ELITE.

Craig, AH8DX

*Above comments were made in fun to encourage more practice. I am no better than you because I also am not included on the ELITE list (yet).

Posted: 2010-03-13 18:09
There is one thing I do not understand !

I commend the operators who have achieved this record and you made me a disparaging remark ! Do you have a mental problem in particular ?

Also I would like to point out that English is not my natural language. This implies that the terms used are not always in tune with my thoughts ! So be indulgent to a small French who made the effort to translate his words !

But perhaps you gentleman from Oregon, do not you love the French ? But thank the "Marquis de Lafayette" of defending you in another time !


Vincent F0CYA, France ... A student disillusioned.

Posted: 2010-03-13 18:47
I did not read the rufzxp

As far as I remember, that top speed is claimed if you copy ONE call , an easy one such as K0MM or so from a collection of 50.

Everybody is able to do that, you just keep typing the same call, after an average of 30000 calls - the size of the database - which is 600 runs you claim it.

That is different of the normal procedure of starting and climbing during the run of 50 calls to a top score. Those guys make only two runs during championchip and the best counts.

@F0CYA, easy to remember call, most people don't talk their native language in international forums, it has no sense to emphasize it here, it is already obvious when someone reads your messages. No problem, I think I understand them.

But understand that when someone is kidding you, you have to be carefull in an less kindly reaction when you master the used language not sufficient.

Your french is splendid, I mean to say.

Furthermore you will have a marocco passport (and blood) I suppose. double with a french one, and at last
but not least, we are all hams and proud of worldwide friendship independent of race and colour or nationality.

Posted: 2010-03-13 20:02
Vincent (F0CYA),

At the bottom of my post I emphasized this wording and I quote here:

"*Above comments were made in fun to encourage more practice. I am no better than you because I also am not included on the ELITE list (yet)."

In this quote, there is one very small word that you have over-looked and it is the word (fun).

When the day comes that working on improving my cw speed becomes un-fun, you will not see me anymore on this site or the ham bands.

You have taken my words out of context and I truly apologize if I have offended you. By the way, I am very proud to be from the state of Oregon as I am sure you are proud to be a Frenchman.

Please keep an eye on my increasing cw speed as something magical took place this week. I am working harder than ever before to show the HST world that an Oregonian is about to achieve what others have set out to do.

I wish you luck in all of your endeavors in life.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-03-13 22:21
I looked on Internet in the English - Elbonian dictionary, and darn, they have no entry for "endeavour"

Posted: 2010-03-13 22:32
I made my humblest apologies.


F0CYA, the man who speaks too fast and think slow.

Posted: 2010-03-13 23:00

(endeavor) noun SOURCE: American Dictionary

1. earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something...
2. literary; American use

I'm going to start charging you guys for English Lessons, hi.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-03-15 12:43

Endeavor is the American English spelling
Endeavour is the British english spelling


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