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Thread: Morse machine not working

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Posted: 2024-01-21 08:35
Hi, morse machine has stuck on W character. My problem? Or is it a bug to debug :)?
By the way, LCWO is really a must in learning morse. Thanks a lot.

Posted: 2024-01-23 15:12

I've never had that problem and I use MorseMachine alot. Of course if I get a character wrong often and its error bar is higher than the others, then MorseMachine will play almost exclusively that character until I get it right often enough. I assume that's not the case for you? You entered "W" correctly every time it was played and MorseMachine still plays only "W"?

- I assume you've tried logging out and back in and then reopening MorseMachine?
- Is the error bar for W higher than other letters? You can set it to a lower value by clicking on it. Does that change the behavior?
- Click the "reset" button (next to the speed -/+ buttons). A popup will ask if you really want to reset all error bars, confirm that. See if MorseMachine will play different characters now.
- Make sure the selected character set in MorseMachine is "Koch".
- Set MorseMachine to lesson 10 or lower. Then it should never play "W", since that letter is introduced in lesson 11. Is that the case?

That's all I can think of right now. I hope resetting the error bars works for you. My last suggestion is obviously not a solution, but it might help to locate the problem if resetting the error bars doesn't help.

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