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Thread: One error causing subsequent responses to be errors

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Posted: 2023-12-03 02:31
In the 40 lessons of Koch Method CW Course, one error can cause most subsequent responses to be coded as errors. If I get a response wrong, or press the wrong key on the keyboard, I can’t figure out whether I should be in, for example, the 10th sent group or the 11th sent group, and I’m likely to guess it wrong. Thus every received group will be mis-categorized as wrong, so I might as well stop and “reload the page” to start over.

Is this scoring behavior of LCWO just something to live with or is there some way to defeat the wrong scoring?

Posted: 2023-12-08 00:04
recognise the longer word spacing after eash set of 5 characters, in order to synchronise the 5 groups with your typing

Posted: 2023-12-08 00:45
It seems to be a feature that we're stuck with. I'm only training at 20/7, so keeping track of the groups (and therefore, where I should be) is easier for me. But a mistake still throws me: my strategy for catching up, when I fall behind, is to type a random letter (usually 't') into the gaps until I've caught up. I will usually be wrong, but it will be a small group of errors, not the entire session.

Posted: 2023-12-12 22:31
Thanks to both of you.

Posted: 2023-12-13 03:16
I get caught by this, too. It may be more a feature than a flaw. If I get caught thinking about one letter, I miss the next several (30/20+3). On the other hand, if I stay current and can use the space between words to turn my focus to what's coming next, I'll do a lot better.

So the challenge for me is learning to release the unknowns quickly and move on. Which is a true-to-life CW copying skill!

Seeing what I got wrong is nice: if certain letters are prominent, I know what to pay extra attention to.

Posted: 2023-12-13 20:17
Yeah, I guess it is true-to-life.

I think a single button, like the [submit] button on the Discussion Forum, that would re-start the training without the current delays, would solve the problem. Trainees could learn faster as they would waste less time.

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