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Thread: Thank you

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Posted: 2023-10-11 02:15
Fabian I would like to thank you for this fabulous web site I just had my 101st cw contact I have 45 with a straight key 14 with my 1970 vibroplex bug the remainder was with a vibroplex deluxe electronic keyer however I prefer my bug and straight key. Whom ever reads this keep up practicing the reward is more than gratifying.

Posted: 2023-12-19 00:38
It seems so far off for me! Well done.

Posted: 2023-12-20 23:28
Darren do not give up.I thought the same thing when I started.however I didn’t give up I kept practicing. The reward to yourself with your first cw contact is unbelievable and then the bragging rights to other hams that you are a cw operator. Keep up the practice.

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