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Thread: Did it! What next?

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Posted: 2023-09-08 10:55

My questions are probably asked several times in this forum but I can't find my 'personal' answer... if that is possible at al. I can't find a howto or faq for these questions here on lcwo, other than this forum.

I finished lesson 40 with 92.5%, speed 20wpm (10wpm effective). I use the Morse machine (20wpm), do Text training (20wpm/10WPM eff), Callsign training and Word training (both 20wpm) on daily base...

So what is the best way to go on... I can't copy complete words or callsigns at this point, so that would be a first(next) step. But what about speed? I can stay at lesson 40 and put the speed up and up etc... or stay at the same speed till I get 100% score AND can copy compleet words and callsigns before increase the speed?

And how to forse learning complete words and callsigns? Or will this 'happen' automatically after a lot of word/calls sessions, probably with higher speed? I started 2023-06-24 on 15:03 with the first lesson so that's not that long ago.... I'm a bit afraid to go 'on the air' when I can't copy a callsign fast...

Any help, suggestion etc are welcome...
Thanks, Vy73! Vincent PE2V

Posted: 2023-09-08 19:47

Well done Vincent|

For my money the next thing to do is to decode lots more morse so you build on what you have.

Listen on the air as much as possible - that's how people used to learn before tapes and mp3 files.

Just try to decode as much as you can. Forget keeping up all the time. If you get lost just stop listening for a few seconds then jump in again.

It might seem a bit like starting again. Calls are repeated often slowly, so you get a few goes at them.

Try to resist the urge to go through all the lessons again.

What do you want next - QSO ?

You can get by at 15/15.

If you CQ at that speed then anyone hearing will know to continue at that speed. Do you know anyone with CW ?


Posted: 2023-09-09 16:07
Thank you Chris,

Good to read that I'm on the right 'way'. I use the websdr and trx to listen on the air. Most of them are going way to fast. For now at least. But I know it takes a lot of time and patience... and training here on lcwo...

And yes, a first QSO would be great but I think I need to learn a bit more. I know a lot of HAM's around me who can and will help me... I told as much as possible HAM's and persons around me that I started learning CW so they could support and psychologically force me.

I own a good old Junker straight key and probably going to buy a KENT TP1-B ... but a fool with good toys is still a fool hehe.


Posted: 2023-09-09 16:53

yup - we say "all the gear but no idea", but don't worry about that though or what anyone else thinks - just but used on ebay etc and sell it again when you get fed up with it . . .

Owning nice kit is a good cheer-me-up . . .

If you know some CW-ers then you can sit on a bench in the park QSO-ing with your voices.

This gets all the operational issues out of the way; SWR, tuning + RIT - not to mention QR[M|N] and iffy senders, the kids, the cat etc
which can mess you around when you are starting. It's maybe all a bit much at first ..

You'll soon learn:- ur 5nn 599 = hw ? = tnx fer call = op name dave = qth london = wx rain etc and that's almost most of it most of the time . .


Posted: 2023-09-10 14:15
TNX! I need to learn to shut myself off from external sounds but with my misophonia (if that is the correct English name) it is quite difficult. Time will tell hehe

Cheers, Vicnent

Posted: 2023-10-04 02:29
In my novice opinion get on the air that really helped me out most operators come down to your speed

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