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Thread: Bug/Behavior change in Convert Text to CW

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Posted: 2023-09-04 02:33
Input text file below:

|eØ |w3Ø ROT |w35 NOT |w4Ø NOT |w3Ø NOT |w35 NOT |w4Ø NOT |w3Ø AND |w35 AND |w4Ø

Open file and convert in Convert Text to CW.
Input displays correctly, and browser text looks ok too.

Press the Play icon, and only the FIRST char plays, and elapsed time is very short.

Press Play again, and now the rest of the files plays correctly.

This worked for years, but I have not used in about 1+ years.

var m = new jscw();
m.setText("|eØ |w3Ø ROT |w35 NOT |w4Ø NOT |w3Ø NOT |w35 NOT |w4Ø NOT |w3Ø AND |w35 AND |w4Ø ");
m.renderPlayer('player', m);

Using Chrome (unfortunately).

Plain text input is fine.

I will retest without the |e0.
YES starting with a none zero value like |e10 is ok, but I wanted to be sure Effective speed is off without the need for the user to adjust the box on the gui.

Not a big priority since not many LCWO users use MCPT.



Posted: 2023-09-04 07:06
Hi Bill,

I am on the mobile now so I cannot test it, but what I noticed is that the posted example text contains slashed zeros instead of normal zeros. jscwlib will not recognize those as zeros, I guess...


Posted: 2023-09-04 15:48
Well I have a flag in my code to display with or without slashes - but it wasn't me ;-)

My text file was fine, but somehow Chrome has CONSOLAS font set for text, so it was converting them! I changes the browser to courier and all is well (as it had been).


You can delete the posting unless you think there is value in the info for others.

73 wa2nfn

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