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Thread: ARRL 10WPM Files Matched to LCWO settings for 10WPM?

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Posted: 2023-08-25 16:09

I thought I would try practicing at ARRL files for 5WPM and they are very easy for me now so I went to try the 10WPM, which would allow me to get certified for 10WPM, and I could do those as well.

BUT, this was a surprise because I cannot do 10WPM(character speed/10WPM overall speed) at LCWO.net. Not even close.

So, I played around with the controls on LCWO until I exactly matched the sound of an x and = (letter and spacing) for the ARRL file to the equivalent LCWO speed.

The ARRL speed that they call "10WPM" is 15WPM/5WPM. (character speed/Effective speed)??? I tested over and over.

So, I am confused a little bit?? Does anyone know why ARRL defines its 10 WPM code practice files as 15WPM (character speed)/5WPM (Effective speed) as set by LCWO??

I repeated matching ARRL with LCWO many times because I thought I was mistaken.

here are the ARRL 10WPM files


here is the LCWO page where you can set the character speed to 15WPM and the Effective speed to 5WPM and compare.


If you set the character speed at LCWO to 15 and the Effective speed to 5WPM it will exactly match the sound and spacing at ARRL 10WPM files.

Like I say I used x and = because they are easy to pattern match with the speed settings.

Thank you all in advance.


Posted: 2023-08-28 17:09
Post Note: To understand the ARRL view point, goggle "April 1990 QEX Morse Timing", maybe better than my rambling below. But you can certainly verify with numbers instead of your ear with Audacity as stated. Remember Farnsworth is only a learning tool, you should hear standard timing on the air i.e. 10/10, 20/20 etc.

Post Post Note: I recorded "Paris " 20x. I played it in LCWO at 20/20 and the elapsed time on the UI was 1.00 minutes. Perfect. I down loaded the MP3 file and played with Audacity, measured several dits and dahs and they were over 97% accurate (there are judgements by my eyes) so its no surprise you can count on Fabians CW as being quite good or better. BTW I use Chrome so that's yet another wrinkle. Now if you don't use the PARIS setting, then you will certainly get different results.

Example if speed is just set based on PARIS timing, and then sent; the actual speed or throughput depends on WHAT characters were sent. If there are lots of numbers, or punctuation the overall speed will be lower than if you use short ones. Some sites will generate text to send and then come up with the speed it took, others just use the user setting to determine the length of the dits/dahs.

For your sample you could take that MP3 file and give it to an app like Audacity and then visually measure the length of the dit/dah, intra char space (dit) inter character space will depend on whether Wordsworth or Farnsworth.

So I do agree its frustrating if you use multiple tools to really get a feel where you are.

Precision CW Tutor by DJ7HS and G4FON (BTW I never checked LICW), both use PARIS timing and are quite precise. If the app is PARIS based, then make a file of so the number of words equals the theoretical WPM and test it.

Gud Luck, but be more concerned about progress than badges and certificates, after all the skill is for you the paper work is for others.

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