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Thread: Key sound or sound repeat

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Posted: 2023-05-06 19:24
Be nice to have a feature added to MorseMachine that would allow one to press a key and have the sound played. Sometimes when practicing I would like to repeat the sound for reinforcement.

Posted: 2023-05-06 23:54
Morse machine is only a way to learn characters. Better to use lessons, and from lesson 9 upwards to do word exercises with the already mastered characters.

This is because using Morse machine, you only get next character presented, after typing in the presented character.

That is not the way Morse code is decoded.

Posted: 2023-05-09 06:14
That must be frustrating. I'm not sure what you want, though.

From the Morse Machine page:

Press any key to start / Space to repeat / Enter to skip / Arrow key to show solution

So you can repeat the sound before you identify the sound.

73 Constrainted

Posted: 2023-05-12 19:32
Or just use /text2cw.

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