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Thread: Extra word spacing

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Posted: 2023-04-12 00:32
ik2uuv - Luigi Sardella

I reached lesson 40 months ago but I am still struggling at 25/12. I help myself by using 1 or 2 extra word spacing. And I listen each 1 minute lesson one or two times again until I reach a decent score. Am I doing well, or not?

Posted: 2023-04-16 09:25
Hi Luigi

I think you are doing well.
Try to reach normal CW speed by reducing char speed and increasing eff. speed.
After you reach, ie. 19/19, you can go on air with say 14/14 or even slower, and here it can be a good help with ekstra word spacing also. It will not ruin your timing, and you will naturally close the gaps between words, when they are no longer needed. CW is perfectly understood with extra wordspacing, and in reality far better than the many operators out there, that think they don't need wordspacing at all...!

Posted: 2023-04-19 20:25
Thank you Sebastian.

Posted: 2023-04-20 02:20
I’m my opinion you are doing very well . I was a that point also. However I continued to practice then I decided to get on the air . I have noticed most cw operators will slow down and listen no matter how you are doing. I have only 35 cw contacts and 17 Qsl cards but Iam still working at it. By the way all my Qsl cards say keep up the good work . That’s good encouragement for myself.

Posted: 2023-05-04 21:41
Sebastian is righht: By using 1 or 2 point of extra word spacing you are not only helping yourself but also the receiving party! It is far worse to gobble up spaces than to put in some extra. That is particularly true, when you are getting faster. To fight the communication-killing tendency to suppress spaces, I would even advise to always exercise with 2 points of Farnsworthing. Makes for much nicer code.

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