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Thread: Wordsworth training for speed and head copy

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Posted: 2023-03-18 22:37
The Wordsworth method is probably mentioned somewhere in this forum, but this is the first topic devoted to it.

George Allison K1IG explains the Wordsworth method of increasing CW speed and head copy ability in this article, published in ARRL QST May 2017:


The title is "Increase you CW speed with Wordworth: train yourself to comprehend Morse Code in your head using fldigi"

The author mentions LCWO.net in a footnote.

Since that time, DJ5CW has given us the knob "Extra word spacing" in settings. This setting allows us to implement Wordsworth method in our Koch training.

The changelog shows:

* Add extra word spacing option (currently only active in Koch lessons)

This occurred after the author published in 2017.

Posted: 2023-03-18 22:46
Despite what the Changelog says, the extra word spacing setting seems to be honored by:

1. Koch training
2. Plain text training
3. Convert text to CW

which is great for Wordsworth method practice. Thanks DJ5CW!

Posted: 2023-03-19 00:01
From the Changelog:

* Downloads: Allow file lengths of up to 10 minutes. Allow setting extra
word space for download files (tnx OK9REJ)

* Enable Extra Word Space also for custom code groups (but not for
normal code groups because we want comparable results for the
highscore lists)

* Allow embedding morse code snippets into forum posts with cw text /cw
syntax. Additionally speed, eff(ective speed), ews (extra word space)
and freq can be specified e.g. cw speed=60 ews=5 freq=500]Hello /cw.

* Extra word space: Allow larger spaces (previous limit 5, now 40)

Posted: 2023-03-19 00:40
word exercises on this website meets this. Listen to the word with regular spaced characters, with approaching infinite word spacing, if you need, and approacing infinite times to repeat the word.

WORDS and PLAIN TEXT are very important exercises to increase your speed with purpose rag chewing.

When your goal is contesting you better exercise (high speed) call sign copy and a limited set of CW abbreviations, like (shortened) figures [0,9] tu pse rpt cq test up and alike.

Posted: 2023-03-19 05:01
Fabien DJ5CW's announcement of Extra Word Spacing (ews):


Posted: 2023-03-19 10:16
George K1IG presents his Wordsworth method for head copy:


Posted: 2023-03-21 03:31
Also available in a few other popular tutors like Precision CW Tutor, G4FON but also without the label Wordsworth.

One less excuse for us to have.

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