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Thread: CW Academy

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Posted: 2022-11-30 16:43
I will start https://cwops.org/cw-academy/ in January. In the meantime, I plan to continue working through the lessons here at LCW. I do the Practice Texts until it says I'm ready to move on. Is there any way this method will interfere with CW Academy's learning methods?

Posted: 2022-12-01 00:38
In my novice opinion and I mean cw novice I belive it will help you prepare for the cw academy. I learned from this site and thought about the cw academy.however my work schedule wouldn’t permit it . Keep practicing on this site the way fabion recommends and you will do fine.

Posted: 2022-12-02 08:31
I have added a second (different) program to my CW training here and discovered that it helps. It adds more variety, and has provided real synergy. The other program incorporates more opportunity for Sending practice, which reinforces what I have already learned here at LCWO. There are several good ones to choose - the one I am using is Skilman.

Posted: 2022-12-02 14:48
My thoughts on the subject, are that a variety of study methods and systems produces the greatest benefits. Human memory seems to flourish when there is a pattern of "cross fertilization". For example, different CW transmissions will not be of a common pattern. There will be variations of tone, as well as possible distortions, and a diversity of "fists". therefore, a diversity in study should be the more productive.
The more variety of study, the better will be the results I think.

Posted: 2022-12-03 06:30
No, it won't interfere. If you read the curriculum available on their site, it recommends LCWO for things like instant character recognition.

Have a look, it lays out the entire class.

I'm following the curriculum somewhat on my own.

Posted: 2022-12-04 06:11
Thank, all. John, the closest thing to their Beginner curriculum I could find was this: https://cwops.org/cw-academy/cw-academy-student-resources/
If you are talking about another page, I would be grateful if you would post it.

Posted: 2022-12-05 01:21
Don't overlook LongIslandCWClub.org they do a variety of Zoom classes a day at all different levels. I think their lifetime membership is only $95. This is a very nurturing organization and they help you make on air contacts.

Posted: 2022-12-30 16:51
This is the page:

But I have my doubts. Cwops suggest starting at 25 wpm, 6 wpm effective, which is too slow. Assuming you master all characters at 6wpm effective, how long will it take you to go to, say, 25, 35 or even faster, which is pretty much the norm on air?

Posted: 2023-01-02 16:09
The norm you mentioned is for rubber stamp QSO's and contests, with extremely small vocabulary of cw-abbr.

20 wpm is very useful fer rag chewing, everybody that is comfortably faster, will be going QRS to suit you.

The HSC, (25/25) of german origin, is a High Speed Club, not a standard speed club, a beginners club or a slow speed club.

25/6 has sense, to learn to recognize the sound pattern of characters and /6 has sense to proceed though all the characters, before you can't refuse the temptation to stop, due to lack of sufficient progress.

I have never looked at the academy website, but what you told us here, makes sense.

When you master all regular characters at that speed, you have to go on to normal standard Morse code by lowering the 25 and increasing the 6 to, I estimate 9/9 in smal incremental steps.

From there on you go on with the whole characterset in plain text, trying to copy 10 or 15% higher speed, where you will miss a lot, in ur case (20/20) try to copy 23/23.
When you do that a few days, you will experience that 20/20 seems slow and turns out easy to copy.

That is the way to increase your speed, by overstressing yourself, not by traiing lots and lots of 20/20

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