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Discussion forum for user group: CWA_BeginnerSepOct22

Thread: Progress update

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Posted: 2022-11-10 19:36
Ive been practising from the word list in Word List trainer at WS 22 and FW of 10, its not bad but recognition on a couple characters isnt quiet quick enough but its good training, also using Morse Machine a lot, still really cant read a full QSO being sent over the airwaves, mainly have been concentrating on receiving so today Ill do some sending practice, sorry about missing you all yesterday.

Posted: 2022-11-15 06:16
Hi Bree. We missed you. I am having a tough time copying complete qsos too. I'm practicing, but it has been a rough week. One of our dogs has been pretty ill. Hoping to get some good practice in between now and this week's meeting.

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