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Thread: I want to make a Christmas Tree that blinks Morse Code this year!

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Posted: 2022-10-28 03:10
Hello all,

I am interested in making a Christmas Tree that blinks Morse Code this season!

I found and converted the Morse Code into code that my machine can use. If I posted an example of my machine blinking morse code, could you help me verify my machine is blinking it out correctly?

Posted: 2022-10-28 16:57
I think so, but decoding Morse code with sound on ear is surely different compared with decoding light signals by eye, as used on ships, speed is certainly slower; traditional high power bulb couldn't be switched on and off fast enough for a moderate speed op 12 words per minute, so they used shutters. It is named Aldis lamp

Put your chrismas tree on youtube and I am sure your sigs will be decoded when regular Morse coded.

Posted: 2022-10-28 18:44

There are some morse decoder web sites which respond to sound - so if you make a noise to correspond to each flash as you see it then those sites should decode your noises.

Better still would be to run through the 40 exercise lessons on this site and learn morse so you can have a proper conversation with your Christmas tree.

You could use an arduino or a pi pico if you need more processor.

If you turn out to have high aptitude you might make it by Christmas day - else you may well be ready for next year . . .

There are currently quite a few people contributing to this forum ( for a change ) who will all help you along with your learning . . .


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