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Thread: UTC timestanp

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Posted: 2022-10-17 19:29
It appears the utc timestamp recorded is being recorded as UTC+2 instead of the users utc time. Is this my design or did I miss a setup setting someplace? Not a big deal just curious.

Posted: 2022-10-17 22:10
UTC is the same for everybody.


You probably meant localtime? In any case, I've given a quick look atthe code and I couldn't find any specific reference. I guess the server is based in Germany and we still have summer time, so it's correct to see UTC+2.

Posted: 2022-10-17 22:25

Localtime in php comes through "SetTimezone" and "DateTimeZone"

$ grep -i "timezone" -r git/lcwo/

returns nothing, so the timestamp will be in the localtime of the server.

Posted: 2022-10-18 22:07
Thank you. I guess I expected the timestamp to be the UTC time. For example a timestamp of UTC1820 is 1420 local time for me (I'm in UTC-4 time zone). When I saw the timestamp of 1820 and my local time was 1220 I didn't understand why the 6 hour offset. I didn't know the server was in Germany. Thanks again.

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