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Thread: morse machine effective speed

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Posted: 2022-08-16 17:31
I just don't understand how morse machine calculates effective speed. mine says, speed 56, I don't miss any characters, and I type 40 words per minute..but it says effective speed 8.1, I would love to see my actual effective speed there. Has anyone figured this out?

Posted: 2022-08-16 20:13
You have "Current speed (WPM): 20 — Effective Speed (WPM): 1.4" as I just copied from the screen.

Current speed is obviously the speed of the produced character in words per minute as a sample of plain English text sent in regular Morse code with 20 wpm.

That is the same speed as 20 times the word PARIS per minute, it will also be the same character speed of the dits and dahs of the character itself when you do Koch lessons 20/x with x less than or equal to 20.

Actually the key down time of a dot is 6/(5*wpm) s
Hence keydown time of a dot with 20 wpm = 60 ms.

Because Morse machine produces a new character only after you type the just received character on your keyboard, you can never exceed your reaction time between characters, which will age dependent be, between 0,4 and 1 second.

During reception of normal Morse code you print out a previous received character during reception of a new one, that is pipelining, and makes regular speeds possible.

That is exercised in the lessons on this website.

Posted: 2022-08-16 20:53
Sounds complicated, but I guess 8.1 isn't as bad as I thought..lol I was wondering why I do so much better in word training than I do in morse machine. Thanks a lot...Bob

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