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Thread: Speed Practice-Code Groups

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Posted: 2022-08-08 13:45
Speed Practice-Code Groups doing five letters works just fine. Attempted adding a sixth letter and encountered problems. I am able to do the 17 to 18 minute session. However, at the end when I request the results, it says that I have no internet connection and does not record my session. When I attempt to reconnect the 5G internet that I was using, it asks for a password and will not accept and cannot reconnect. Am able to connect immediately to the 2.4G side and no password requested. If I leave the computer alone with no internet connected, it eventually reconnedts to 5G and am able to access internet normally as if nothing had happened. Both times this has happened I did not note if the internet connection was showing a connection or no connection before I requested the session results. It was showing no connection after requesting the session results.
Other devices, laptops and tv are working normally when I encounter this problem.

Posted: 2022-08-08 17:37
Just did a successful 6-character group using 2.4G. Previously this morning noticed router randomly lost connection under 5G. Appears to be a 5G problem with my router.

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