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Thread: Bug: "Word Training" speed is wrong?

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Posted: 2022-07-18 20:17
I am currently on lesson 28, and I decided to try "Word training". Unfortunately, setting a speed of 25 WPM with a character speed of 10 WPM and clicking on "Fixed speed" results in what seems like maybe 40 WPM transmission. It's very fast! Much faster than the lessons. Is this a bug?

Posted: 2022-07-19 00:12
In wordtraning you get normal spaced morse code.
When you chose 10 wpm and 25 wpm there, it means you start at 25 word per minute, each next word higher speed when correct and one lower speed when wrong, but never lower than 10 wpm. With fixed speed checked it will hang on 25 wpm, correct or wrong.

FYI 25 wpm was in the past the examination speed for 1-st class radio telegraphists with a straight key, transmitting and receiving plain text.

When you do the lessons with 25/10, the characters are the same speed, but the character spacing is 2.5 times too wide.

Posted: 2022-07-19 01:42
If I understand OP correctly...

The character speed should be equal-to or higher-than the effective speed.

The 1st box "[Effective] Speed" should have the "10" WPM
The 2nd box "min. Character Speed" should have the "25" WPM

That should get rid of the high speed send effect.

The box order is the reverse under "Change CW settings"

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