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Thread: koch cw

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Posted: 2022-07-15 18:10
should, or is it ok ? i watch the computer screen during lesson, or only listen?

Posted: 2022-07-15 21:17


What are you watching ??

You will (probably) learn morse by a process of :-

1/ hear morse character -> think of the corresponding letter number etc

2/ repeat repeat repeat repeat until it happens easily without thinking about it at all anymore


3/ write down the letters AFTER you decode them, to see how accurately you are decoding, so when you get to 90% accuracy ( a few times ) you can add another morse char

( unless you can touch type already i.e. try to avoid

hear morse -> hit keyboard key automatically, read what you typed afterwards

unless you want to carry the keyboard wherever you go or you plan to become a commercial operator )

Probably you should expect this to be a difficult challenge not a two month trivial exercise,
though some people only take a couple of weeks to get to 25/25.

Probably you should go a bit slower with the 90%-es move-ons so it sinks in thoroughly
you might get to lesson 10 or so and find you somehow forgot the stuff you thought you learned properly in lesson 1,2,3 . .

Don't worry about speed ( this will be along later ) - go for accuracy.


Keep the character speed up at 15 or 20 minimum if you can.

Get through all the 40 exercises even if you have to drop the the effective speed to /5 wpm to do so . . .

You will then improve with more practise and practice.

If your hearing needs it, then choose a tone which allows you to distinguish the morse easily.

If you can't hear it properly then you won't decode it.


Good luck with it, anyway.

Let us know how you are getting on . .


Posted: 2022-07-19 07:51
I definitely found that changing the side tone from 700 down to 600 helped my accuracy. I do have a bit of industrial deafness from listening to loud music and sleeping next to marine diesels !!!. 73's

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