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Thread: Word training...from custom chars?

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Posted: 2022-04-16 17:10
Hi there!
Is there a way to have the word training with custom chars? It WOULD BE AWESOME!

Many thanks and my best '73 de iu5hes op. Mike

Posted: 2022-04-16 20:45
Ciao Michele,

you kind of already have custom chars because you can select " Characters from lesson: ". If you also want them in custom order, I don't think this is possible unless Fabian hacks the code or maybe you want to have a go:


Posted: 2022-04-17 10:52
Maybe my english is not very good...I mean the "word training" using custom chars.
I think lcwo could "train" with only words with custom chars from the word's database.
Not very very easy do implement I think...

I hope to have explained better now :)

PS : no matter of the letter "order" of course...but only words from custom chars needed.

Posted: 2022-04-17 17:09
On Linux, I generate my custom word list from /usr/share/dict/* with a shell script (see thread https://groups.google.com/g/comp.unix.shell/c/-OzwnlQfD0s and see the answer from Andy Walker) and then I feed it into a program called morse (http://www.catb.org/~esr/morse-classic/)

Not very elegant but it works.

Posted: 2022-04-18 15:41
LCWO.net does, in a way, offer training in the form that you describe. It allows you to introduce your very own custom character set, including words, numbers, and punctuation.

You could use LCWO's feature titled:
"Convert Text To CW" and enter in any customized sequence of characters or words howsoever you wish.
They might be something like this:

705 -- // ?? ,, == ++
j32o9h8594kl .
9r9jv-0gyb3vx .
bjjv7909h=drg .
r25gc5d4-5fgx .

706 -- // ?? ,, == ++
jxfoc/0243xkq .
np3rh,pih17dw .
guv90y1-tahzi .
9m=wcprd9u6eb .

501 - / ? , = +
Chocolate, charm, = cheap .
chipmunk, = chair, cheese .
lunch, - pinch, / rich? .
1 4 0 7 = 2 9 6 = 8 5 3 + .

502 - / ? , = +
which, ditch, march, reach .
watch, - teach, = preach .
pitch, = / bunch, - batch .
punch, ? hatch, / torch = .

503 - / ? , = +
bench, couch, - witch .
9 6 8 5 3 = 1 4 0 ? 7 2 .
itch, patch, catch, match .
hitch duck, - luck, dock .

or they could be something like this:

u9t8iy4a8sei .
lslzlx4gnxej .
e78aaa7js2xo .
1oqqnl0p757d .
aa952pp975c0 .
9ci2msmyci1l .
32ghb12nr8ex .
cb3j11bnnbw6 .
aomuwrf122t2 .
3vele210y2dy .
2d3ey46t2ud0 .
qln3xkjelw47 .
8roknt72sxtr .
6zpfsulmrx7p .
dlhanhf9zrnc .
c7mjukfq3kqv .



Posted: 2022-04-28 14:30
There are problems that we face when looking for Random Word Lists. Many lists are "formatted" in a way that makes their use quite impractical.
For example, one website shows a list like this:



Aircraft Carrier











With this type of list, all kinds of editing will be necessary. Text needs to be Horizontal rather than Vertical. Plugging that list into the feature on LCWO.net "Convert Text To CW" will mean that there are something like 30 seconds or longer gaps between words. That does not make for practical study.
So there needs to be a list of random words that have spacing like what you see in our answers, which is just normal word spacing. So it can be helpful at times to just copy some text from some Internet Website. Then however, you may get unfamiliar punctuation and other odd characters that are not expected or necessary.
Here is a website which allows you to generate random words:


What you get looks like this:
Random words:
figure day drive number barn pure national oxygen gradually welcome thrown draw cry cent thou cloth each decide deeply theory attack atomic science can base
total exactly serve close handle heavy engine spring compare mouse sudden wool proper turn cheese plenty view soft enter did shown remember manner step except
aloud medicine earth bread special tightly might rising positive deal waste quickly around compare equal double refused pitch us modern made sad cold stranger develop
political cattle vessels wonderful too closely product use perhaps however report secret heard terrible same baseball satellites chemical change finally needle yesterday aware warn subject
everywhere dinner us bag applied dug business figure ordinary idea hair allow exchange divide history bread mass consider dish equipment fierce section motion function skin.

Of course, such lists lack numbers etc.

So for random numbers, you might use a website like this:


At any rate, you can do your own searches for
Random Number Generator and Random Word Generator.

One other random generator that I have found useful, is the RANDOM PASSWORD GENERATOR. for example:


That can be a goldmine of random text like:
Here are your random passwords:


Your own searches on the Internet will show many things. Some results that are provided are not as easy to work with as the Random lists above.
The list above can be divided into like 4 lines or 5 lines each, which makes for a quick lesson when pasted into LCWO's Convert Text To CW feature.

These are the best type, and goes beyond the rigid conception that only one way to practice is a path to improvement. You may notice that I set the line limit to 12 characters, and I like to use about 4 lines as the limit that I want sent.

I separate the list into 4 line lessons, and take the time to put a period at the end of each line. This is not an absolute necessity, but I like to have some sign that "This line is ended here. Start the next line!"

Posted: 2022-04-28 15:59

I really wonder what is wrong with the "Words" chapter on this website. Random words in the language you specify wih fixed or variable challenging speed, specified max length, and using only learned characters from lesson 9 upwards.

In the chapter "code groups" custom characters you can specify only figures or a mix with a limited set of characters you want.

It is easy, when you are familiar with some programming language, to suit all requirements, like omitting punctuation, and when you are not familiar with a general programming language like C and above that wan't spent some time learning it, you can use the program of wa2nfn to suit all your wishes on command level.


Posted: 2022-04-28 17:09
"I really wonder what is wrong with the "Words" chapter on this website."----Nonagenarian

Do you have evidence of a "wrong" on the website?

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