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Thread: RufzXP crazy scores?

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Posted: 2022-03-30 22:56
Hello everyone. I am new on this website, love the topics. I am google-ing forever on some Rufz advices and absolutely nothing. Does anyone have tips, advices for tranining RUFZ. I am talking about big results. How the hst champions train and achive over 200k points on Rufz with speeds over 150 wpm?

Thank you, best regards.

Posted: 2022-03-30 22:57
Is there any special technique. There must be.

Posted: 2022-03-31 07:14
Hi Jovica,

practice, practice, practice. When I was most active in practicing RufzXP (2006 to 2012 or so), I did an average of maybe 10 finished attempts a day - every day.

In RufzXP there are no real magic tricks, but some things are important in my opinion; what comes to my mind:

- Start at a speed that's maybe 5 steps below your maximum speed. If you start too slow, you'll need endless calls to reach your plateau, if you start too fast, you'll lose points...

- Don't think too much about what you enter; ideally the whole process is working subconsciously

- Don't use F6 to repeat a callsign, it destroys your rhythm and in most cases it doesn't succeed

- Quit attempts that don't go well immediately and start a new attempt. During my active training times I probably started 10 attempts for every one that I'd finish.

- My personal preference for high speeds is to use sawtooth waveform; I think the harmonic content works better than sine.


Posted: 2022-03-31 11:06
Hello Fabian,

Thank you for the answer, I appreciate it. Practice is everything, I know. Can you explain the subconscious part??? Because I recognize all the calls up to 60 wpm. Over that even when I listen to one number or letter not the whole callsign, I can't distinguish "d" from "b", "7" from "8", "u" from "v" etc etc ... I think at very high speeds, over 100 WPM than it all works with that subconscious. How to learn to do that and recognize caracters, well ... I dont know.

Best regards,
73 Jovo

Posted: 2022-04-15 11:24
Hi Jovo,

sorry for my late reply. The "subconscious" part means that at some point your fingers just start typing without the need for a conscious action. I think this develops automatically with a *lot* of practice, I don't think there is any way to accelerate this...

What sometimes happened to me was that I copied a callsign which had for example a "S" in it, but I wasn't sure if it was a S or a H... and then my left hand automatically typed a "S" and my right hand automatically typed a "H", at the same time. Of course, you need to clean that mess up after typing, but that's how it works at very high speeds for me... everything works "automagically".

The problematic letters (V vs. U, 7 vs. 8 etc.) will *always* be the same ones, regardless of the speed. Some people use the training mode to specifically practice these, but I never did that. My training routine was always in the normal mode, and as I wrote above, I always quit an attempt if it doesn't go well enough.


Posted: 2022-05-14 00:08
In addition to Fabian's remarks, I'd suggest to spend some time with the Trainer mode, i.e. fixed speed. First some attempts a few steps below your top speed, then some attempts close to or at your current top speed. The objective then is to become more confident at your current top speed, so that in a normal attempt you achieve a higher success rate.

Posted: 2022-05-14 11:34

- Quit attempts that don't go well immediately and start a new attempt. During my active training times I probably started 10 attempts for every one that I'd finish.

I wish there were a feature like that in qrq, or it's there but I have missed it.

Posted: 2022-05-14 14:53
The current attempt can be aborted with F10 (will abort after the call is sent). Or Ctrl-C if you're impatient :-)

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