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Thread: Best Headphones

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Posted: 2010-01-09 02:10
I am compiling a survey of high speed cw operators favorite headphones that you use to copy cw. Please send me an email with the make and model of headphones that you are using and the highest speed that you copying. Tnx, Craig, AH8DX.

Posted: 2010-01-12 22:12
Craig, please post the results so we can all get an idea of what are best

Posted: 2010-01-13 14:02
Allan (M0KIS), Yes I will post the results. For everyone reading this post, please post which headphones you are using and your current top speed. As for me, I find the Heil Pro-Set is best for me and I have hit 43 wpm. I tryed some noise canceling headphones (90%)like the ones that are used on airplanes but my ears did not like the confinement of no external sounds. I also had a headache after just 10 minutes. It appears my ears like to hear some type of outside sound as I copy cw. I just started really working on my code here in the new year.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-01-17 00:27
The problem I've found with aviation headsets is that they're designed to stay on under the kind of conditions you won't find in your shack, so they clamp to your head pretty tight. If you wear glasses, or sunglasses, with them that clamping pressure pushing the arms of your specs into your temples gets pretty uncomfortable after a couple of hours flying.
I'm curious, do the ANR headsets reduce much of the static noise coming from the radio?

Posted: 2010-01-17 14:41
Hw abt these?


Steve: They don't; the principle is a microphone picking up environmental sound, that signal is injected in the electrical signalpath of the headset, such that it cancels out the environmental sound that is leaked from outside the headset and reached your ears. Just the opposite phase and the same amplitude on each frequency. Ideal when your mother in law stays for a vacation at your home.

See also: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/audio-music/noise-canceling-headphone.htm/printable

Posted: 2010-01-27 17:22
Headphone Update!

I am about ready to throw my thinking out on using headphones to copy code. I originally thought that I needed the latest and greatest BOZE headphones to copy code at high speed.

until I did another personal best this week not using any headphones just the computer's speakers. Of course the speakers are sitting on my desk by the computer screen.

Try it, who knows, you may put up a new personal best!

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-01-27 17:58
I thought I had replied in this thread, but obviously I didn't, so here is my opinion about headphones:

Over the years I tried many different models and types, from earbuds to full sized headphones.

There are major differences in the frequency responses of different headphones, especially in the low-frequency range, and at very high speed CW, it makes a big difference. Yet I don't really have a preference for a certain headphone. When I switched from one model to the other, it took a few days to get used to the new sound, and my results (in RufzXP for example) were like they were before.

Over the last few years I never owned an expensive headphone (all below 25 EUR, some below 5 EUR :-) and I now settled for a SONY MDR-XD1000 because it's pretty comfortable on the ears.

Receiving without headphones might work for moderate speed levels, but (unless you're sitting in a anechoic chamber) at some point the reverb creates what digital people would call "inter-symbol-interference."

73, Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2010-07-18 20:40
6 Months of data contained within.

I am kind of apprehensive to post this since I know that a forum basher will probably make meat of it but I think I would be doing an injustice to everyone here working on improving their cw, if I didn't at least talk about my findings.

I have been using the Heil Pro-set Plus that has the "Phase Reversal Technology", so we are talking about a high quality headset that is different from most. I also use small earbuds but just for copy while I am driving, etc.

This headset is an earmuff-type headset which provides 40dB of outside rejection. It uses the "Phase Reversal Technology" which allows the user to "move" the incoming signal by engaging the phase reversal switch, creating a unique spatial widening sound. It has an IN position and an OUT phase reversal position. Basically by switching in and out, it moves the cw signal to the center of your head or opposite when switched to the other position.

What I have noticed is that my ears like the IN position almost always but what is interesting on some (a very few) days when my scores and cw signal is in the IN position; that when I switch it, my head likes the new position of the incoming cw signal. Not often though but I have gotten to the point that I recognize right away whether it is in IN day or an OUT day.

Today just happened to be one of those days that is an OUT day when I recognized that I was having difficulty from the start. I switched it OUT and 3 consecutive high scores were recorded.

This data is kind of inconclusive but interesting. They are expensive I must warn but so is a Begali.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2010-07-18 22:14
I use the Heil sound pro set plus...and Shur profi 2 keyer....for me the best combination....

73 de 9A1ZZ...

Posted: 2010-07-20 01:00
I am only half way through the lessons, so I wouldn't really know whats good or bad, and for this I am using an old cheap headset like Fabian. For SSB we have had Heil Pro 4 for a few years, but just this week we changed to a "Yahama CM500 Headset with Electret Microphone", and they feel really comfortable, are just as good at keeping out shack noise as the Heil, have excellent audio reports and are about a third of the cost of the Heil.
Catherine VK4GH

Posted: 2010-08-29 16:58
On the elecraft rteflector, Yamaha CM-500 gets rave reviews at ~ $ 50.

Try copying and QSOing in total darkness. Once you get accustomed to not seeing, you become more focussed and sound's importance increases. I had my K1 in the bedroom and had a QSO with the light switched off. It's an experience. Learn how hearing improves!

73 de Chris

Posted: 2012-10-11 21:03
Above about 42-43 wpm, every speaker and "regular" headset/headphone I've ever tried were pretty much useless - the best I can describe the sound of the CW is that it more or less "slurs" together.

There has been a LOT of discussion over the years concerning what makes good CW headphones. Most people theorize that the issue boils down to a combination of factors including, but not necessarily limited to, materials, design and construction of the headsets.
Most of this discussion has focused on the materials used in a headset's cone and annulus (diaphragm area), voice coil quality and magnets.

e.g. I used to have a Telex headset that was designed specifically for copying Morse code. The big selling point when I bought them was great magnets and a ceramic diaphragm. They really worked well for higher speed CW, but they're gone now and I can't find anything that comes close to their ability to put out clean CW audio.

Someone else recommended the Yahama CM-500 headset, but my Icom's audio output is 8 ohms and the CM-500's are rated at 120 ohms - it won't hurt anything, but I'll lose too much audio volume.

Anyone else got any ideas about headphones for higher speed CW? Know a brand and model #?

73, John

Posted: 2012-10-12 22:43
with a one to 4 transformer you match the impedance and gain 12 dB in audio volume.

some postings higher in this thread you can read what dj1yfk says about it.

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