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Thread: To customize a quick CW COPY EXERCIZE

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Posted: 2022-01-11 16:02
The following may be of interest to those who have progressed to the point where they know all fo the Letters and all of the Numbers.

There are "Random Generator" websites that will supply letters, numbers, punctuation, password combinations and so forth for free.
There are even Random Date Generators and dates make for a nice letter--number combination for practice copying.
I take lists from the website and make lessons for myself which are copied into LCWO's CONVERT TEXT TO CODE FEATURE.
Some websites give nice clean texts. Others put words in some kind of box or weird format or with odd symbols and are not much use. However, if you find a Random Generator that produces lists of clean text, it can make a nice lesson. Below I show some lists of words that I numbered. I number what I can do for a quick lesson of about 15 to 20 words.
This sample fromt the website shown, puts those little dots in front of the words. One nice thing about the CONVERT TEXT TO CW feature on LCWO, is that it does not recognize all the little dots in the middle of the line. It does recognize PERIODS though in a middle of the text.
It can be a little work to edit a Random List if it has junk characters in it. Sometimes you get lucky and can find a website with nice clean words, numbers, letters, and punctuation with out odd symbols.
I like to number each quick lesson. These are helping me become stronger at copying in terms of speed and recognition.

Random Word Generator - Random Generator

Random words SETTINGS
Number of Sequences = 50
Number of Words = 5

adventure third ahead ought lonely
mark with attached worse tears
bright seldom crew plenty appropriate
monkey conversation pick itself our

each balance sometime share shinning
storm change story basic shorter
tears coming flat title paper
sign total medicine collect riding

pond luck old frighten stranger
finest syllable avoid require depth
ruler box hurry month charge
next favorite beginning until sad

moving necessary age kept spirit
silk slide drawn look bear
porch mass shall nuts rose
something curve compass running brush
poor victory bag merely ring

tip start familiar bigger century
iron understanding method roar model
step circle occur team soil
grade blood enter die mad

find bring man flight business
nuts dug now no together
electric table oil wild idea
quarter queen end rush found

pilot fly stop mood steady
camera brave will region canal
four silence came shells blew
aware slabs lunch nails usually

cake free careful volume straw
charge sign century income street
desk weather unit grandmother principal
above zipper attention farther large

birthday within build pole else
prevent trace duck high number
newspaper phrase community trouble catch
tone experience vast chain sea

hundred underline voyage winter cloth
escape mix point which worker
sat kill buy worry wet
express damage level little spent

exchange even lesson dawn count
you animal dozen hill hall
donkey fun series realize football
measure check sport police balloon

lake immediately watch action steam
appearance battle shall southern evidence
information whenever term nest my
weak saddle feed safety electric

church cookies meal frequently best
dead vapor toy grain love
gray air wooden truth combination
pot environment written mixture field

finest familiar helpful recognize prove
paid refused rich attention sit
idea frighten stairs noon research
tobacco proud stretch gave smell

anyway transportation thank valuable course
rocket what fought steep copper
shine parts path disease discussion
recently flower winter forgot can


Here is another random generator which is very nice indeed for getting long lists that can be useful.

Random.ORG Here is a sample of "strings" as this website calls them:

One other random Generator which produces useful CW Practice Lists is this one:





Posted: 2022-01-11 20:04
Thanks! Do you by any chance have a big list of "real" sentences also? I am moving from random text to sentences now. I have collected from various web pages this list.

For sentences I actually use https://morsecode.world/international/trainer/words.html and upload the txt-file, and "Split text by: New line". Then you can have flashcard after each sentence, and the setup the details you prefer. The Morsecode.world does have some nice features, also generating random sentences with random letters, if you prefer that.

I find single words easy now, but sentences difficult. So I know its good practice :)

The sentences so far:

She doesnt study German on Monday
Does she live in Paris?
He doesnt teach math
Cats hate water
Every child likes an ice cream
My brother takes out the trash
The course starts next Sunday
She swims every morning
I dont wash the dishes
We see them every week
I dont like tea
When does the train usually leave?
She always forgets her purse
You dont have children
I and my sister dont see each other anymore
They dont go to school tomorrow
He loves to play basketball
He goes to school
The Earth is spherical
Julie talks very fast
My brothers dog barks a lot
Does he play tennis?
The train leaves every morning at 18 AM
Water freezes at 0°C
I love my new pets
We drink coffee every morning
My Dad never works on the weekends
She doesnt teach chemistry
I do love my new pets
Mary brushes her teeth twice a day
He drives to work
Mary enjoys cooking
She likes bananas
My mother never lies
You dont listen to me
I run four miles every morning
They speak English at work
The train does not leave at 12 AM
I have no money at the moment
Do they talk a lot?
Tomorrow early morning first I go to morning walk
Does she drink coffee?
You run to the party
You have some schoolwork to do
She doesnt use a computer
It snows a lot in winter in Russia
We live in Texas
You go to holiday every summer
Do you like spaghetti?
My daughter does the laundry
Believe me
Call me back
As soon as possible
Do me a favor
Give me a hand
I do not understand
I do not mean it
I decline
Im on a diet
I just made it
Im sorry
Absolutely not
I have no idea
I agree
Im at home
Its on the tip of my tongue
Its ok
It really takes time
Its fort he best
No, I dont want
See you
See you next time
So I do
So so
Allow me
Any day will do
Be calm
Be careful
Be quiet
Cheer up
Come on
Dont be ridicolus
Dont be so childish
Dont move
Dont worry
Enjoy yourself
Follow me
Forgive me
Forget it
God bless you
Its very thoughtful of you
Its up to you
Its none of you business
Shut up
Slow down
Stop making such a noice
You are going too fast
Come with me
Good afternoon
Good morning
Good night
Have a good trip
Have a good weekend
I admire you
I apologize
I cant wait
I dont have time
I got it
I hate you
I hope so
I knew it
I love you
I would love to
I am busy
I am tired
I dont agree
You are wasting my time
I feel much better
They like each other
Im sorry
Im good
It doesnt matter
Join me
Lets catch up
Lets do it
Nice to meet you
Not yet
Talk to you tomorrow
Thank you very much
You turn
A lovely day, isnt it?
Do i have to?
Can I help you?
How are things going?
Any thing else?
Are you kidding?
Are you sure?
Do you understand me?
Are you done?
Can I ask you something?
Can you please repeat that?
Did you get it?
Do you need anything?
How are you?
How do you feel?
How much is it?
How old are you?
How was your weekend?
Is all good?
Is everything OK?
What are you doing?
What are you talking about?
What are you up to?
What are your hobbies?
What did you say?
What do you need?
What do you think?
What do you want to do?
What do you want?
Whats the weather like?
Whats your e-mail address?
What is your job?
Whats your name?
Whats your phone number?
What is going on?
When is the train leaving?
How can I go to the town centre?
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
Where are you?
Where did you get it?
Where do you live?
Are you coming with me?
How long will you stay?
Good morning
Good day to you, Sir
He is still not well
well done Keep it up
I will call you later
I will catch you soon
Please give me your hand
Get out of my sight
I did not understand
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
Could you stay away from my stuff?
I am sorry
I am feeling tired today
Its none of your business
I dont know
We both like each other
Come quickly
Talk to you later
Thank You very much
What is your problem?
Can I ask you something?
It was nice meeting you
How are you?
What is going on?
What are your likes and dislikes?
Sorry for the inconvenience
What can I do for you?
Will you please help me with this?
This is not a joke
Stop kidding
What is happening here?
Everything is fine
Did you get my point?
What do you want from me?
How old are you?
Where is your office?
Get ready to go to school
I will try my level best
Are you joining us?
I am very pleased to meet you
You are my responsibility
This is not fair
What are you doing today?
Please say something
I will come again
What would you like to have?
Thank you for inviting us
Its my pleasure
Thank you for the advice
Many happy returns of the day
Happy birthday
I wish you a happy married life
Please be seated
Im on my way
When will you reach?
Nice to meet you
Is everything alright?
Hope to see you next time
Do you speak English?
You are getting late for school
I missed my school bus
Who is your class teacher?
Please clean the board
Read the sentences carefully
What is your favorite subject?
Who is your favorite teacher?
I have completed my homework
Improve your handwriting
Why are you late?
What is your contact number?
Could you show me your answer sheet?
I appreciate it
Do you agree with me?
Do you know what I mean?
It was nice to talk with you
I made it
I feel sad for your loss
Lets celebrate
What do you like the most?
Do not disturb
Try to open this door
I read books
I do not want to know anything
Drive carefully
I love to play video games
Go slow from the crowd
This is your updated version
The sun rises from the east
We cook everyday
Daily exercise makes you fit and healthy
Have a nice day
Excuse me
Stop crying
Are you fooling me?
Could you give me some money?
Girls do not want to stay in the gum
She wakes early in the morning
He sleeps in the afternoon
How can I help you?

Posted: 2022-01-11 20:19
Helgeh, those are indeed wonderful sentences, so thanks for posting it. I just began this morning looking at some random sentence websites. Let's see what else we can find, as this is a terrific series of tools.

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