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Thread: How many minutes for testing

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Posted: 2021-12-01 07:06
I know I should aim for 90% but how many minutes should I shoot for. If I hit 90 in 1 minute is that ok to move on?

Posted: 2021-12-01 11:16
I know I should aim for 90% but how many minutes should I shoot for. If I hit 90 in 1 minute is that ok to move on?

Well, what difference is there in results between 1 min 2 mins and 3 mins and 5 mins ?

Does that inspire confidence ?

You might start getting a bit fatigued at 5 mins . . . .

If you move on too late you waste a bit of time maybe.

If you move on too soon then it won't have sunk in properly, and you may hit a progress wall about lesson 10 (typically)

Unless you are very sure it's probably better to err slightly towards too long . . .

Probably (YMMV) you are aiming to head-copy HAM QSOs without writing it all down or having to carrying a keyboard to type everything in all the time.

If this is the case then you probably (YMMV) want to aim for automatic recognition of the characters as they arrive,
- without having to stop and think - which will get tiring . . .

This will take practice and plenty repetitive decoding until it does become automatic.

The time taken will depend upon your:-

apptitude ( V important )
the regularity of your practising ( 15 mins every day would be good, as would splitting it up with short recovery period )
your hearing and audio setup - if you can't hear it easily you can't learn it easily
you attitude
how relaxed and responsive you are against how tired you are
your expectations - if you heard it takes three weeks to get to 25/25 then you will only do that with V high aptitude etc


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