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Thread: What is the difference characters/effective?

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Posted: 2021-11-10 19:11
What does this mean?, 20 WPM characters, 15 WPM effective, there is no explanation of this anywhere?

Posted: 2021-11-15 01:55
The characters are sent at a 20wpm speed but the space between the characters is increased from 1 unit (dit) to whatever it has to be to slow down so that the whole thing is at a speed equal to 15 wpm. To exaggerate it more think about a 25 wpm character speed along with 3 wpm effective speed. The characters are sent fast but then there is a long pause before the next letter so that a beginner can assimilate the correct sound of the letter and still have time to sort out what it is before the next one comes. Then, as you progress you decrease the effective speed until you are comfortable receiving at 25 wpm with normal spacing of 1 unit between characters and 3 units (dah) between words. Hope that helps.
Good luck and 73's from KK7ASP

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