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Thread: Hard to learn character

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Posted: 2021-10-22 13:16
Is there an option to repeat the cw characters? I’d like to have a special list in morse machine where i can practise the ,./?= When i made misstaken, these are my hard to learn ones.

Posted: 2021-10-22 14:07
Go to your CW settings and on the right hand side, select only the characters you want to practice by selecting their checkboxes. Press "Save". Then go to the MorseMachine and in the drop down menu at the top you can select this custom character set.


Posted: 2021-10-22 19:29
In my suggestion below, I am adding other symbols too because sometimes people want them.
Let us use our tools (the code charts) to see about your characters , . / ? = which are Comma, Period, Forward Slash, Question Mark, and Equals Sign.

, or COMMA is Dah Dah Dit Dit Dah Dah

. or PERIOD is Dit Dah Dit Dah Dit Dah

/ FORWARD SLASH is an F with a Dah in front of it, like:
Dah Dit Dit Dah Dit

QUESTION MARK ? is Dit Dit Dah Dah Dit Dit

EQUALS SIGN = is Dah Dit Dit Dit Dah (3 Dits)

(and if you are interested) DASH or - is
Dah Dit Dit Dit Dit Dah (4 Dits)

+ or PLUS SIGN is Dit Dah Dit Dah Dit

On the Menus on the left side of the LCWO.NET page, find link to "Change CW Settings"

Adjust the settings to your desired speed 5/5, or 10/5, or 20/10 or whatever it is that you wish to use. Hit SUBMIT

Then click on: "Convert Text to CW".

(I am going to suggest a study method here, but of course, you can do anything you like with this way of practicing.)

You take a simple lesson that you make yourself, and into the text, put any of the symbols that you want to practice with. We can use a PERIOD first, because that is what I use in all of my practice lessons.

So I make a short and quick practice text that LCWO.NET will send to me for copying, and I put a PERIOD at the end of every line, and that is how I learn the PERIOD. Like this:

d38zm22cnu52 .
8x1bhft4opqm .
7i5paslbfayljxb .
mtmc4nkx4zcn .

The Period tells me that the end of that line has occurred. Time to start a new line when writing down the text.
Of course, to any text that you use, you can add 1 or 2 of each of the characters that you want to learn. This can be done until you can recognize each of the characters that you study.

There is another way also. It is to place all of the symbols you want to learn on the first line, and then continue with the regular characters, like this:

--- /// ??? ,,, = = =
xyqm5e0wxiay .
c5g98drljo73 .
sd6k6i4uteo4 .
9x51tdbzzsck .

--- /// ??? ,,, = = =
atnhipr98zz5 .
nni0kk0tsxrs .
q8hy64yup8or .
eee1tzzj088d .

--- /// ??? ,,, = = =
9k1c4t3mwgms .
vlvbcesmci4g .
jmuvxh71bk04 .
iekgpwdh68uk .

--- /// ??? ,,, = = =
byx5oex95lnb .
4at5d9btovcd .
qlu7y9p51hu0 .
4nnnhj2y0sao .

or you can do something like this:
--- /// ??? ,,, === +
uBE+Df7W?R .
qk-Ag,2LYq .
L9we=GFc/v4 .

Notice that by "numbering" each of the lessons that you write for yourself, you also will be practicing numbers as well as letters. If you practice this way, you will find it easy to learn the characters. Then you can just add in more characters as you need. Good luck.

Posted: 2021-10-23 20:44
Thanks for the suggestions! It will surely help me.
73 pe1idg

Posted: 2021-10-25 18:38
use the morse machine, it's great because it allows you study at your rithm. You just need do one time the lesson and then in the morse machine you can practice this letters, and you can increase speed when you can in one, so at the end you can return to lesson and do it again. It works for me!

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