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Thread: No sound today on iPad

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Posted: 2021-10-01 22:09
Logged in today to do some training using the lessons page, and something has changed since yesterday. I’m getting no sound from the practice text player, strangely the individual letter player still works. Not sure what’s going on. Anybody else having issues?

Posted: 2021-10-02 16:59
I see something similar on my iPad sometimes - the sound plays very slowly.

Refreshing the page clears it though.

Posted: 2021-10-03 10:18
Not sure what’s going on. But it working again now. Also strangely, previously it would only play though headphones, now it also plays though the iPad speakers too.

Posted: 2021-10-10 13:34
No sound today again?

No sound on headphones, no sound on speakers.

Posted: 2021-10-10 13:34
No sound today again?

No sound on headphones, no sound on speakers.

Posted: 2021-10-11 00:23
Looks like a defect in ur ipad, try to compare with another one.

Posted: 2021-10-11 12:18
Can you try a different browser on your ipad? Might be worth a go (assuming the hardware isn't broken).

Posted: 2021-10-12 12:48
Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll do some more testing.

So far, I think there’s a bug somewhere, but tricky to get a repeatable result. I believe it’s something to do with having the iPad music app open, or open recently that messes up the sound on this site. Also strangely since iOS15, having music app and this site open, appears to have an effect on the keyboard in the iPad spreadsheet app, Numbers too. The icons on the alphabetic keyboard suggestion bar get swashed to the outside. This lasts for hours, then just return to normal. iOS bug is my guess at what’s going on.

Posted: 2021-10-12 13:00
That theory is blown. Now I can play Music and hear morse at the same time. Numbers keyboard is still wrong though, so maybe not related. Back to the drawing board.

It’s just so difficult to test as I have to wait days for the sound not to work, and then days for the keyboard to return to normal before starting testing again.

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