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Thread: Word Training

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Posted: 2021-09-30 22:24
Hi all! Any tips on using word training? I'm up to lesson 25 at 20/10 speed and saw a mention in the forum that its good to use word training starting from lesson 9.

I've got it set to 20wpm, fixed speed, 4 letters, and end up having to listen to the word a number of times to figure it out. Is that helpful at all? Should I be slowing it down until I can get it in one playback? That seems counter to the idea of listening to it at full speed. I didn't see a way to increase the letter spacing.

Great site, by the way! Thanks for making it! Hoping I can become proficient and get on the airwaves eventually.

Posted: 2021-10-01 21:53
Good question . .

There is an issue with words - which is that to some extent spotting what the word is, prompts about what the next character will be.

This isn't a help at forming an unconscious, automatic link between hear morse -> char pops into your head automatically - so that eventually you just "hear" characters in your head and can concentrate on meaning . .

Char 9 is about the point where people who are still managing to "think up" what the char is rather than have an automatic response seem to hit a "wall" as they call it, blocking any further progress despite much time and effort ( maybe a few chars later ) . . .

On the other hand if you are up to lesson 25 in two weeks you are probably past all that and so it won't be an issue (YMMV etc). I expect that this is an important point to get right.

I would say tho that you are progressing quite fast - and attempts to speed it up even further won't have much potential for gain and may be deleterious, especially if you reduce lesson time for more word training.

You are starting speeding up at 20/20 before you completed all the lessons. This may speed you up overall, but it may not too.

On the other hand, the word training gets you started concentrating on the content, rather than the decoding, except that you are doing 20/20 not 20/10.

You can increase the spacing using the gear-wheel icon if you just want more practice at 20/10. . .

Maybe you should do the words for starting head copy and to force yourself to decode without thinking about it - but without reducing the time spent on new lessons because when you have all the chars you can speed up fairly easily and concentrate on that.

We can't tell how you are doing really - only "advise" by pointing out where others had troubles - like a talking FAQ, so you can steer round them . .

eg. getting tied to a keyboard is a good one to avid

Good luck anyway whatever you choose

Let us know how you get on


Posted: 2021-10-04 04:20
Thanks cb! I'll probably continue to focus on the lessons, maybe do some words now and then for fun. I've been spending quite a lot of time on it, which has helped with the fast progress.

Per your note about getting tied to a keyboard, I'll probably split up my practice and do some hand-written copying to see how I'm doing on that front. I'm quite good at touch-typing, so I'm hoping it isn't an issue!

I've been cross-training a bit with Morse Mania on my phone, when I'm not by a computer. It can vibrate rather than beep so I can practice stealthily in some situations. I have to slow down the WPM to 15 when doing that though, the vibrations are harder to distinguish than audio.

I also just got a Morserino, which has been fun to play around with. Nice to try out using paddles and I like the echo practice mode. I have a WWII J38 straight key coming to use with it, which I'm psyched about. Eventually hope to use it with a HF QRP TX of some sort, leaning towards a QRP Labs QCX-mini.

Posted: 2021-10-04 11:47
I've used the 'word training' feature in just the way you describe - using normal spacing as a complement to receiving the random mixed groups of farnsworth-spaced characters during the lessons.

IMO 'real' words are easier (even at a faster speed) than random letters as it much easier to guess what the next letter is (and/or correct it later).

Mind you, this is exactly what will be happening in a simple QSO on the air - the format (or 'words') are pretty fixed, so you will get used to them just like english words, so the ability to copy 'words' (that you might already know) is actually helpful.

Obviously the random groups are better, in some ways, for practice as you won't know what is coming next (as is the case when copying a call-sign, name or location).

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