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Thread: Numbers 4, 6, 7, 5 & V, B, B, H and Headcopy

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Posted: 2021-09-19 16:54
I have gone through the 40 lessons and can mostly do 30/7 @80ish% I was holding 90% at the beginning but got impatient at the end after lesson 27 and speed up. On morse machine I do quite well, but on lesson 40 at 30/10 or even 25/10 am struggling between numbers and letter : 4, 6, 7, 5 & V, B, B, H any way to make this easier.

Also started word training but need to reply the word many times to headcopy. I forget the second and subsequent letters when I headcopy...any tips that can help with this.

Posted: 2021-09-19 18:59

For fixing these differences - you need targeted practice.

numbers only practice

h 5, s h - as you get better the characters may seem to sound slower
- and you start to pick up on how long they last and h is longer than s etc

Reverses, j b maybe q y , again just more practice - no short cuts.

You are aiming at automatic decoding of chars, without any thought

- lots of practice decoding needed, it is not a trivial task.

For head copy you need to concentrate on what you have decoded, not on the actual decoding.

This is why you need to work towards decoding automatically in your head.

You will certainly pick up certain abbrevs - tnx rst rprt 5nn + q-codes and pro-signs by hearing them all the time
for others you need to think about what you decoded and then also what it means . . .


Try to repeat to yourself what you decoded so far as the morse continues and see how much new decode pops into your head automagically
how much of it you can remember by repeating it instead of concentating on the new morse

You should certainly get the first and last characters to start with

- you get the timings/speed/tone from the first charachter - so you may need to think about decoding that one.

The last char has a larger space behind it, so more time

Build on that - first two chars and so on.

YMMV though

good luck with this - it's not so easy as it's made out to be

let us know how you get on


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