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Discussion forum for user group: Morse Code Practice Text - MCPT

Thread: How to run on macOS

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Posted: 2021-08-30 09:16
I had no idea how to run this program since I've had no experience in Go.
For someone who uses macOS, I wrote a brief instruction below.

Of course, you need to know what a "command line" means. (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app)

First install Homebrew. Go https://brew.sh/ and follow the instruction there.

Then install golang.
% brew install golang

Download the MCPT source
% git clone https://github.com/wa2nfn/morse_code_practice_text.git

Change into the directory...
% cd morse_code_practice_text

MCPT depend on jwalton/gchalk, so install it.
% go mod init wa2nfn.com/mcpt
% go get github.com/jwalton/gchalk

Then build the load module.
% go build -o mcpt *.go

Finally you can run the program like this.
% ./mcpt -codeGroups -cglen=3:6 -lesson=12 -tutor=lcwo


Posted: 2021-09-01 03:18
Wow - thanks so much. I used to supply a built version for MAC, but like the the others I got very little feedback. In fact the downloads were by far Windows, then Linux, a small handful of Mac and Raspberry Pi. Since the space for these on qrz, and the support of multiple versions got out of hand I reduced to just Windows and Linux (even there, there are dozens on linux releases).

Most people today just want to click on boxes, they have some major fear or reluctance to use a command line - yet they will type all kinds of obscure shorthand abbreviations in text messages all day long.

Thanks for posting this here for any courageous future souls out there.

73 Wa2nfn

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