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Thread: Interent Explorer Stops Working

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Posted: 2009-12-15 19:06
I have a repeating problem. When I run Lessons more than a few times, maybe 5 or 6 times, the lesson will stop and a message "Internet Explorer has stopped working" is issued. The tab will reset, then I can continue. It looks like maybe a buffer is overflowing or some other use dependent error is occuring.
I am running Vista Home Premium, Internet Explorer version 8. My lessons run for 5 minutes.
It's not a killer problem just a nuisence. Does anyone else have this problem?
Bill - ng2d

Posted: 2009-12-22 16:32
Ich bin froh,als Greenhorn,daß es so eine Möglichkeit gibt, zu üben :-)
Aber, ich habe auch dieses Problem,daß mir der PC,innerhalb einer Stunde, 6 mal ausgefallen ist. "Internet Expl. hat ein Problem festgestellt
und fährt alles runter.
Ist mir jetzt an 3 Verschiedenen PC log´s wiederfahren.
Wer kann weiterhelfen.
73 FlyingSparkiFire

Posted: 2009-12-27 10:39
I have solved the problem with Mozilla FireFox
73 HNY2010

Posted: 2010-01-13 14:26
Bill (NG2D), The same thing is happening to me. The discouraging thing is when I have a good session and my score gets up there with just 3 or 4 callsigns left to type, the Internet Exployer stops working, it wants me to send the error message to Microsoft. Like you said kind of a nuisence.

Craig, AH8DX

Posted: 2011-02-21 02:46
Thanks iz0pgr! I changed too to Mozilla Firefox and solved the problem.

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